Golden shadow


Saturday selects

By Monica Khemsurov

The Sicilian architect Antonino Cardillo just unveiled his latest masterpiece, the Off Club in Rome., New York, 22 Sep 2018.

Die Symmetrie Der Nacht

By Tim Berge

Wie kaum ein anderer schafft es Cardillo mit seiner Architektur, den Nutzer physisch wie psychisch in seine Gedankenwelt zu involvieren. Eine Reise in den Grenzbereich von Realität und Illusion – auf die es sich einzulassen lohnt., Berlin, 19 Sep 2018.
DEAR, no.4/2018, Berlin, Dec 2018.

Off Club restaurant

By Suzanne Trocmé

A long-time Wallpaper* collaborator, Antonino Cardillo’s latest oeuvre marks a defining moment for the Sicilian architect, who is not afraid to reference numerous influences under one explicitly textured roof., London, 17 Sep 2018.
Wallpaper*, no.235, London, Sep 2018.

DEAR no.1


Architecture and Truth

By Jeanette Kunsmann with Stephan Burkoff

Very few architects outside the three superstars of the industry (Libeskind, Hadid and Koolhaas) have attracted as much attention from the international press and trade magazines as Antonino Cardillo. And here again, there is more than one explanation. But first and foremost is the media scandal surrounding his imaginary houses: Seven Houses for No One., Berlin, 20 Nov 2017.
DEAR, no.1, Berlin, Apr 2017.


2018 – 2016


By Brianna Ruland

This space evokes love and loss, nostalgia, melancholy, and life’s most essential inaudible philosophies. Most importantly, this long dark cave can certainly be trusted.

[email], San Luis Obispo, California, Mar 2018.

Evocazione astrazione illusione

By Jean-Marie Martin

Gli spazi che ha progettato rendono palese l’incolmabile distanza che li separa da quanto evocano – essendo peraltro la misurazione della lontananza il significato più proprio dell’evocazione.

Casabella, no.879, Milan, Nov 2017.


by Mrinalini Ghadiok

Antonino Cardillo challenges the very norms of the architectural process as we have popularly come to know it. His works transcend the course to deliver moments that are sublime, experiences that are intangible, and spaces that are overwhelmingly immersive.

Mondo*Arc India, no.15, New Delhi, Jul 2017.

Architektur Als Rausch

By Jeanette Kunsmann

Antonino Cardillo beherrscht die Kunst, durch Räume und Materialien Geschichten zu erzählen: Die Welt bleibt ein Labyrinth aus Erinnerungen, der Architekt ist ein Zeitreisender – und Architektur wird zum Rausch., Berlin, Baunetz, 29 Nov 2016.

Stanze. Altre Filosofie dell'Abitare

By Beppe Finessi

Extremely beautiful metaphysical spaces, rooms that seem to speak of layer upon layer of memories, colour palettes never before seen in interior architecture: a new author who has carved out a place entirely his own in the history of this discipline within just a few years.

[Exhibition], Milan, XXI Triennale di Milano, Apr-Sep 2016.

Ancestral images

2018 – 2013

Inherent color and material color

By Schultz, Wiedemann-Tokarz and Herrmann

The mood in the rooms changes depending on the light situation. This demonstrates clearly how relative our perception of color is.

Thinking Color in Space. Positions, Projects, Potentials, Berlin, Basel, Birkhäuser, Dec 2018.

Lumira favourite works

By Almira Armstrong

Architect Antonino Cardillo possesses a vision that is conceptual and yet completely rooted in a historical understanding of classical architecture. His understanding of space and balance has resulted in some of the most influential interiors of recent times., Sydney, 22 Jan 2018.

A shop with no products in sight

By Jessica Cooper

Somewhere on Dover Street, round the corner from high-brow Mayfair filled with the hustle and bustle of shopaholics frantically shopping in the luxe houses of Chanel, Prada and Dolce and Gabbana, there lies a fairy tale grotto filled with tranquillity and calm. Once entering this space, I feel that all time has stood still. Suddenly, I am not filled with my shopper’s impulse. Here I am.

Eclectic, no.AW15, Paris, Dec 2015.

Da nobis hodie incantum quotidianum

By Ana Araujo

Gottfried Semper’s carnivalesque spirit pervades the whole oeuvre of Sicilian architect Antonino Cardillo. His Crepuscular Green gallery in Rome evokes the setting of an ancient sacrificial ritual. Egyptian? Greek? Roman? It doesn’t really matter, because once these ancestral images are deposited in our unconscious they are emptied of their historical specificity; as in our dreams, the only link that remains is the emotional one.

Design Exchange, no.12, London, Aug 2015.

Architettura di polvere

By Francesca Gottardo

Un tappeto di legno sembra come fluttuare nell’aria e, adagiandosi delicatamente su una superficie eterea color talco, come fosse un’astronave atterrata su un pianeta lontano, ci trasporta in una dimensione apparentemente fuori dal tempo, che qui sembra essersi fermato o mai trascorso, sospeso, immobile.

Abitare la Terra, no.37, Rome, Mar 2015.

Goetterdaemmerung in Rom

By Jeanette Kunsmann

Mit 40 Quadratmetern eher überschaubar, hat der Architekt die Galerie in einen sakralen Raum verwandelt – und eine mutige Abwechslung zum ewigen White Cube geschaffen., Berlin, Baunetz, 24 Feb 2015.

Room: Inside Contemporary Interiors

By Nacho Alegre

I was attracted to it at first glance; it instantly brought back memories of the best postmodern, neoclassical architecture that I was revisiting at the time – Bofill, Moneo, Tusquets – but with a more personal and very contemporary view.

Room: Inside Contemporary Interiors, London, Phaidon, Oct 2014.

Decorative ceilings

By Jenny Dalton

House of Dust features a cave-like rough-plaster version that almost seems to drop down from the sky – it is purposely reminiscent of all kinds of subliminal historical references, in particular the vault of very early architecture.

How to Spend It, London, Financial Times, Mar 2014.

Domestic philosophy

By Riya Patel

Cardillo’s House of Dust does not tick the usual boxes. In place of abundant natural light and designer furnishings are gloomy cavernous spaces characterized by a grainy ceiling of pozzolanic plaster, tinted the colour of dust.

Frame, no.95, Amsterdam, Nov 2014.

Feeling through sight

By Ana Araujo

In connecting architecture to the realm of the haptic, both on a more tactile, micro scale (ceiling) and on a more visual, macro scale (arches), Cardillo’s architecture promotes the sensorial mobilisation envisioned by Benjamin as a potential force for social/political transformation.

The Journal of Architecture, vol. 19, issue 1, London, RIBA, Jan 2014.

A courageous project

By Dana Tomić Hughes

This is a courageous project with a fresh aesthetic and a unique vision. It’s the kind of interior that creates new trends, memes and movements., Sydney, 27 Sep 2013.

Haus Aus Staub

By Tim Berge

Für den Architekten wird Architektur an der Stelle spannend, wo sie „unsichtbar wird oder etwas verbirgt“ und an der Grenze „zum Traum“ existiert – mit seinem „Haus aus Staub“ hat er genau das in die Wirklichkeit umgesetzt., Berlin, Baunetz, 13 Aug 2013.

House of Dust

By Amy Frearson

Italian architect Antonino Cardillo used roughly textured plaster to create lumpy brown surfaces across the upper walls and ceilings of this apartment in Rome., London, 5 Aug 2013.

Una casa, una visione

By Paolo Maria Noseda

Un ingresso laterale svela un salone che, come una maschera greca improvvisamente indossata dal visitatore, proietta e attira l’attenzione su due finestre rastremate: un paio di occhi sul mondo.

Casamica, Milan, Corriere della Sera, Jun 2013.

Der Spiegel

2019 – 2012

Der Architekt als Märchenerzähler

By Kirsten Wenzel

Auch die Architektur hatte ihren Relotius. Antonino Cardillo gab Renderings als Bauwerke aus und narrte so die Fachpresse. Als Meister der Inszenierung fasziniert er die Branche bis heute., Berlin,17 Jan 2019.

Digitale Wirklichkeit Versprechen

By Carolin Höfler

Nachdem die Darstellungen als Wunschbilder enthüllt waren, entgegnete er: „Sehen Sie es einfach wie eine literarische Erzählung, [...] ein Märchen. Da ist es auch nicht wichtig, dass die Dinge tatsächlich passiert sind.“

Lecture series Wunsch, Technical University of Cologne, 1 Jun 2016.

Über die mediatisierte Repräsentation von Architektur

By Gérard Houllard

Tatsächlich hat Cardillo hier im Kern Recht, denn wie auch dieser Aufsatz zeigen wollte, können Bilder von unrealisierten und utopischen Architekturen zum festen Bestandteil der Architekturgeschichte werden und diese nicht unwesentlich beeinflussen., vol.4, no.1, Basel, May 2013.

Alles nur gerendert – und jetzt?

By Christian Holl

Oder die, wie wir uns über die Medien heute unsere Realität aus dem Materiellen und dem Imaginären konstruieren und welche Konsequenzen das hat. Keine einfachen Fragen, wahrlich. Wenn der Fall Cardillo nun dazu diente, wenigstens wieder eine dieser Fragen ernsthaft zu diskutieren, hätte er vielleicht mehr für den Architekturdiskurs getan, als die, die meinen, immer schon die Antwort auf sie zu haben., Stuttgart, 29 Jul 2012.

Phantasie und Wirklichkeit

By Gabriele Detterer

Im Übrigen sei Architektur schon immer auch ephemer und virtuell gewesen, erklärt er. Von Palladio bis Schinkel, von Sant’Elia bis Mies van der Rohe hätten Baukünstler mit Ideen in Form von Surrogaten die Architekturentwicklung beeinflusst und die Realität verändert.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, no.164, Zurich, 17 Jul 2012.


By Susanne Beyer

Als Felix Krull jung war, dachte er lange darüber nach, ob er die Welt klein oder groß sehen solle. Seiner „Natur gemäß“ habe er dann in seinem späteren Leben „die Welt für eine große und unendlich verlockende Erscheinung geachtet.“ Er wurde der glücklichste Hochstapler der Literaturgeschichte.

Der Spiegel, no.27/12, Hamburg, 2 Jul 2012.

Schöner Klonen

By Peter Reischer

Gefragt, ob die Fotos echt seien, gibt es die knappe Antwort: „I am an artist and as an artist I manipulate reality!“

Falter, no.19/12, Vienna, May 2012.



Nomura Koumuten

By Kenji Nomura

アントニオさん と協議を重ねて作り上げたものなので、我々の最も思い入れ深い作品の一つになって います。そして、アントニオさんの魅力が引き出された住まいになっていると思いま す。今回、アントニオさんのこだわり、デザイン性等、本当に勉強になったと感じて います。

Representative Director, Nomura Construction Co., Ltd., [email], Osaka, Mar 2011.


2011 – 2009

Style and Subversion

By London Design Festival

This year, as a homage to the V&A’s Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970 - 1990 the London Design Festival has commissioned architect Antonino Cardillo to create a spectacular Postmodern Cafe at the Exhibition Road entrance.

The London Design Festival 2011, London, Sep 2011.

di Antonino Cardillo

By Massimo Locci

Senza alcuna caduta di tensione tutto l’apparato teorico-concettuale sperimentato nelle due case-concept si ritrova nelle due opere realizzate; anzi nella fase realizzativa si attua un processo di decantazione di segni e una sistematizzazione del metodo così efficace che il linguaggio appare chiarito e rafforzato.

L’Architetto Italiano, no.42, Rome, Apr 2011.

Men’s footwear world tour

By Tony Chambers

Cardillo is one of the most significant architects of our time.

[press release], Milan, Sergio Rossi, Mar 2010.

Wallpaper* Architects Directory

By Johnatan Bell and Ellie Stathaki

As if an annual sweep of the world’s most promising young architects wasn’t ambitious enough, for 2009 we’ve decided to add a new twist to the directory. Rather than simply report on the newest firms to flash onto our radar, Wallpaper* has commissioned 30 of the finest young architects to design their ideal home.

Wallpaper*, no.125, London, Aug 2009.

Remote places

2011 – 2007

Architecture and reverberation

By Antonino Cardillo

Sometimes architecture is all the more interesting, the more invisible or concealed it is. When it is not only made up of that which can be seen and touched, but rather that which suggests and leaves the rest to the imagination.

Tasarim, no.194, Istanbul, Sep 2009.


By Helen Geng Haizhen

Antonino Cardillo 的建筑体块巨大,仿佛来自遥远的异乡与古国,美丽而桀骜不驯 慷慨、狂热,节奏深沉而激昂,光影的瞬息万变令建筑展现着千变万化的容貌,仿佛作着灵魂最深处的展现 对抗,迸发出令人震撼的美,矛盾,产生稳固的和谐。

International Interior Architecture of China, Beijing, Nov 2011.

Ein Haus wie ein Tanz

By Judith Jenner

Der traditionelle andalusische Flamenco hat viele Künstler inspiriert: Federico García Lorca zu Gedichten, Pablo Picasso zu Gemälden und Skulpturen – und den jungen italienischen Architekten Antonino Cardillo zu einem Haus.

H.O.M.E., no.2/10, Berlin, Feb 2010.

Poetry of space

By Ridhi Kale

So, if Homer had his Iliad and Odyssey, Rome based architect Antonino Cardillo has the homes he builds across the globe, interpreting his clients’ most hidden and irrational wishes.

Home, Mumbai, India Today, Jan 2010.

Physical poetry

By Thomson Carpenter

The first to admit to being a dreamer, Cardillo concedes to inhabiting a virtual world, a parallel universe, moreover describing his fall into architecture as a chance happening.

DNA, no.119, Sydney, Dec 2009.

弗拉明戈式建筑 采访

By Daniel Qiu

这些房子就像一个个星球观 测站,不停地在它们的墙上记录着天气的万千变化。

The Outlook, no.82, Guangzhou, Feb 2009.

House of Convexities

By Ramia Habchy

The play of light within the convex walls of this “house” create a romantic aura that envelopes visitors and transports them into a world of wonder at the inspired superiority that made this beautifully shaped structure possible.

Touch Decor, Beirut, Oct 2008.

Celestial vision

By Devyani Jayakar

Magnetising the eye from the very moment you view the enormous sweeping curves in the living room, the architecture appears to be the harbinger of an epochal change in Italy’s post imperial design history.

Home Review, vol.6, no.5, Mumbai, Sep 2007.

My concrete heart

By Jana Martin

You’d have to be sedated or have an ego the size of Trump to be comfortable moving through all that concrete mass and tension. But you could also be an endless daydreamer and be happy here., New York, Jul 2007.

Ellipse 1501

By Matt Hussey

This new house designed by Antonino Cardillo has stumped us good and proper. Is it just another vacuous interior that looks an awful lot like a museum? Or is it a very shrewd example of how shapes and colours interact when placed next to each other?, Sydney, Jul 2007.



A new form of historicism?

By Antonino Cardillo

Have we codified new languages or are we taking signs, places and objects from recent history and continually re-elaborating them? Is this a new form of historicism?

Blueprint, no.256, London, Jul 2007.



L’Egitto e l’Immortalità Perduta

By Antonino Cardillo

Ogni occhio ti vede di fronte a sé, perché tu sei il Disco del giorno; ma quando tu tramonti e tutti gli occhi per i quali hai creato la vista non possono vedere te e quello che tu hai creato, tu sei ancora nel mio cuore.

Ulisse, no.279, Rome, Alitalia, Nov 2007.