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List of the principal works of the architect Antonino Cardillo organised into thematic chapters and sorted by date in reverse order with topics. The dates of each project indicate the day of production of the images. Design and completion of the construction are therefore precedents


Postmodern Cafe

Postmodern Cafe

London, 6 September 2011

LDF dedicated entrance to the Victoria & Albert Museum

The Inexact Quality

The Inexact Quality

Takarazuka, 19 February 2011

House on two levels overlooking the Osaka bay

Akin to a Cinema Set

Akin to a Cinema Set

Milan, 15 April 2010

Sergio Rossi store at 17 Ponte Vetero

House for Wallpaper

House for Wallpaper*

Berlin, 6 April 2009

House for the Wallpaper* architects directory at the Neues Museum