The architecture of Antonino Cardillo




DESSAU, Germany, Hochschule Anhalt (DIA)​—Johannes Kister invites Cardillo to talk as part of the series of lectures Dessauer Gespräche.

OSTFILDERN, Germany​—Eva Gründel and Heinz Tomek feature Specus Corallii in DuMont Reise-Handbuch Reiseführer Sizilien.

ROME, Italy​—Lucia Barbara Galli features Off Club in the Paolo Portoghesi magazine Abitare la Terra.

ROME, Italy, Istituto Luce Cinecittà​—Diego Grammatico and Giovanna Marinelli invite Cardillo to talk as part of Rome Video Game Lab 2019.

LONDON, UK, Royal College of Art​—On behalf of the students of the Interior Design Program, Yara Boulos and Riccardo Rizzetto invite Cardillo to talk as part of the talk series Inside/Out.


DARMSTADT, Germany, Hochschule Darmstadt​—Kerstin Schultz, Hedwig Wiedemann-Tokarz, and Eva Maria Herrmann feature House of Dust and Specus Corallii in Thinking Color in Space.

LONDON, UK​—Suzanne Trocmé unveils Off Club in Wallpaper* magazine.


BERLIN, Germany, STATION-Berlin​—Cardillo is keynote speaker of the Heinze ArchitekTOUR Kongress.

MILAN, Italy​—Jean-Marie Martin features Specus Corallii in the Francesco Dal Co magazine Casabella.

ROME, Italy​—Francesca Gottardo features Specus Corallii in the Paolo Portoghesi magazine Abitare la Terra.

BERLIN, Germany​—Cardillo is the cover story of the first issue of DEAR Magazin: 18 pages feature the journey to Sicily of Jeanette Kunsmann and Stephan Burkoff.

ROME, Italy​—Matteo Di Persio and Francesco Curcio commission Cardillo to design a work of architecture for the restaurant-bar Off Club. The project has been built in seventeen months.


LONDON, UK​—Jessica Mairs unveils Specus Corallii in Interior icon of week.

COLOGNE, Germany, Technische Hochschule Köln​—Carolin Höfler gives the lecture Hyper Desire Digitale Wirklichkeitsversprechen which compares Cardillo’s Ellipse 1501 House to the production design of Ken Adam’s 007 James Bond film Moonraker.

MILAN, Italy, Palazzo dell’Arte​—Beppe Finessi features House of Dust at the XXI Triennale exhibition Stanze: Altre Filosofie dell’Abitare: a 1920–2016 history of Italian interior design.


TRAPANI, Italy, Cattedrale di San Lorenzo​—Gaspare Gruppuso commissions Cardillo for the restoration of the ancient Oratory of S.S. Sacramento, also called the Sala Laurentina. The Specus Corallii project has been built in seven months.

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany, Goethe–Universität​—Chris Dähne, Frederike Lausch and Bettina Rudhof invite Cardillo to talk at the Deutsche Architekturmuseum. Special guest: Carolin Höfler.

LONDON, UK​—Anna Winston unveils Colour as a Narrative in

LONDON, UK​—By invitation of Suzanne Trocmé, Cardillo designs the Illuminum Fragrance Gallery at 41 Dover Street, Mayfair. The Colour as a Narrative project is built in two weeks.

BERLIN, Germany​—Jeanette Kunsmann unveils Crepuscular Green in BauNetz

CASTIGLIONE D/S, Italy​—Cardillo designs the Garda Lake House. The project has been built in three years with a final scheme altered by the owners.


LONDON, UK, Phaidon Edition​—Room: Inside Contemporary Interiors selects House of Dust as one of the world’s most exceptional spaces of the past five years. Opening feature of the promotional teaser.

LONDON, UK, Sir John Soane’s Museum​—Abraham Thomas invites Cardillo to showcase his Min sculptures inside the cabinets of the Breakfast Room at 12 Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

ROME, Italy​—Francesca Gottardo features House of Dust in the Paolo Portoghesi magazine Abitare la Terra.

ROME, Italy, Mondrian Suite​—Klaus Mondrian commissions Cardillo to refurbish his art gallery in the San Lorenzo quarter. The Crepuscular Green project is built in three weeks.

LONDON, UK​—Ana Araujo features House of Dust in the RIBA Journal of Architecture.


LONDON, UK, AA School​—Jack Self invites Cardillo to write a text for Fulcrum.

LONDON, UK, AA School​—Alexandra Savtchenko-Belskaia invites Cardillo to talk with students of ‘Intermediate 2’.

LONDON, UK​—Amy Frearson features House of Dust in

MILAN, Italy​—Paolo Maria Noseda unveils House of Dust in the Corriere della Sera magazine Casamica.


DORSET, UK, AA School​—Ana Araujo and Takero Shimazaki invite Cardillo to talk with students of ‘Intermediate 2’ at the Hooke Park campus.

ROME, Italy​—Massimiliano Beffa commissions Cardillo to refurbish his apartment in the Ludovisi quarter. The House of Dust project has been built in nine months.

HAMBURG, Germany​—Susanne Beyer interviews Cardillo for Der Spiegel. Article in editorial.

VIENNA, Austria​—Peter Reicher launches the controversy over the Houses for No One series in Falter.


LONDON, UK, Victoria & Albert Museum​—By invitation of Suzanne Trocmé, Cardillo designs the Postmodern Cafe, the London Design Festival’s dedicated entrance to the V&A’s exhibition Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970–90.


LONDON, UK, University of London​—Ana Araujo invites Cardillo to discuss the work of his practice at the Chelsea College of Art.

LONDON, UK​—Malaika Byng unveils Akin to a Cinema Set, the Sergio Rossi store, in

MILAN, Italy​—By invitation of Suzanne Trocmé, Cardillo designs the Sergio Rossi Akin to a Cinema Set. The project is built in ten days. Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Tony Chambers comments: Cardillo is one of the most significant architects of our time.


TAKARAZUKA, Japan, 野村工務店​—Kenji Nomura commissions Cardillo to design a timber house. The Inexact Quality project has been built in seven months.

LONDON, UK, The Horse Hospital​—John Foxx invites Cardillo to showcase Ellipse 1501 House and the Tales of Light video along with artworks of diverse artists inspired by Foxx’s music.

LONDON, UK​—Jonathan Bell and Ellie Stathaki select Cardillo as one of the world’s 30 most talented young architectural practices of the year in Wallpaper*.


The Houses for No One series is widely published in blogs, magazines and books around the world.

MELBOURNE, Australia​—Livio and Nadia De Marchi commission Cardillo to design their home in Kew. The house is never built. Out of the variances of this preliminary project, Houses for No One is created (Concrete Moon House, House of Twelve and Purple House).


ROME, Italy​—Cardillo designs the Nude Tower on the Tiber Embankment.

WESTON-SUPER-MARE, UK​—Cardillo takes part in the RIBA competition for a landscape project of the ruins of the Victorian luna park Birnbeck Island.

SYDNEY, Australia​—Matt Hussey provokes debate over Ellipse 1501 House in

Cardillo begins to design the Houses for No One series (Ellipse 1501 House, Vaulted House, House of Convexities and Max’s House in a Small Lake).

LONDON, UK​—Gian Luca Amadei invites Cardillo to write a criticism for Blueprint.

Kathrin Gramsdorff introduces the classical music journalist Charles Searson to Cardillo, who becomes his long-time English translator.


LONDON, UK​— selects the Dualistic House project as one of the top 30 houses of the year.

ROME, Italy, University of Rome​—Cesare Maria Casati invites Cardillo to contribute to his course of ‘Laboratorio di Allestimento I’ at the Faculty of Architecture ‘Valle Giulia’.


MILAN, Italy​—Cardillo works with Fabio Nonis and Carlo Alberto Maggiore.

ERYX, Italy​—Cardillo designs the Dualistic House project with Pietro Maltese. is created.


PALERMO, Italy, Università di Palermo​—After an early study thesis on Stanley Kubrick’s movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and the late 1960s, Cardillo graduates in Architecture via supervisor Giovanni Sarta with a project for the Trapani Marina.

Sante Crocé introduces Cardillo to the radiosity global illumination algorithm for CGI.


PALERMO, Italy, Università di Palermo​—Cardillo studies Architecture under the guidance of professor Iolanda Lima.


Cardillo uses Real 3D, the modelling and raytracing CGI application created by Juha and Vesa Meskanen.

Cardillo owns a Commodore VIC-20, C=64 and later an Amiga 500 computer. Through them he learns the BASIC programming language. His favourite games are Labyrinth, Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, Curse of the Azure Bonds and Ultima IV.

TRAPANI, Italy​—Cardillo’s father founds the Cardillo Computer System software house and retail store of Texas Instruments, Sirius and Ericsson computers.


ERYX, Italy​—Antonino Cardillo, born at midday on Sunday, May 18th, 1975 as the first son of Salvatore Cardillo and Maria Angela Gammicchia.