The architecture of Antonino Cardillo


LONDON, UK — Tom Wilkinson’s ‘Typology: nightclub’ in The Architectural Review.


DESSAU, Germany — ‘A synchronicity of cultures and civilisations’ at the Bauhaus Dessau Institute of Architecture, via Johannes Kister.

OSTFILDERN, Germany — Eva Gründel and Heinz Tomek’s ‘Kammermusik: Specus Corallii’ in DuMont Sizilien.

ROME, Italy — Lucia Galli’s ‘Off Club’ in Abitare la Terra.

ROME, Italy — ‘Da Zak McKracken ad House of Dust’ at the Istituto Luce Cinecittà Rome Video Game Lab, via Diego Grammatico and Giovanna Marinelli.

LONDON, UK — ‘The making of Rome’s Off Club’ at the Royal College of Art, via Yara Boulos and Riccardo Rizzetto.

BERLIN, Germany — Kirsten Wenzel’s ‘Der Architekt als Maerchenerzaehler’ in


DARMSTADT, Germany — Kerstin Schultz, Hedwig Wiedemann-Tokarz, and Eva Maria Herrmann’s ‘Inherent color and material color’ in Thinking Color in Space.

BERLIN, Germany — Tim Berge’s ‘Die Symmetrie der Nacht’ in DEAR Magazin.

LONDON, UK — Suzanne Trocmé’s ‘Roman empire’ in Wallpaper*.

ROME, Italy — Matteo Di Persio and Francesco Curcio’s Off Club.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, USA — Brianna Ruland’s ‘Reflection’.


CASTIGLIONE D/S, Italy — Garda Lake House.

BERLIN, Germany — ‘Vaults, grottoes, arches, and polychromy’ at the Heinze ArchitekTOUR, via Stephan Burkoff.

MUMBAI, India — Mrinalini Ghadiok’s ‘Elemental’ in Mondo*Arc India.

MILAN, Italy — Jean-Marie Martin’s ‘Evocazione, astrazione, illusione’ in Casabella.

ROME, Italy — Francesca Gottardo’s ‘The haven of memory’ in Abitare la Terra.

BERLIN, Germany — Jeanette Kunsmann and Stephan Burkoff’s ‘Architecture and truth’ in DEAR Magazin.


LONDON, UK — Jessica Mairs’s ‘Coarse coral-pink plaster’ in

TRAPANI, Italy — Cattedrale di San Lorenzo’s Specus Corallii, via Gaspare Gruppuso.

COLOGNE, Germany — Carolin Höfler’s ‘Hyper desire’ at the Technische Hochschule Köln.

MILAN, Italy — Beppe Finessi’s ‘House of Dust’ at the Palazzo dell’Arte.


LONDON, UK — Nacho Alegre’s ‘Postmodern room’ in Room: Inside Contemporary Interiors.

LONDON, UK — Min at Sir John Soane’s Museum, via Siobhan Henderson.

ROME, Italy — Francesca Gottardo’s ‘Architettura di polvere’ in Abitare la Terra.

ROME, Italy — Klaus Mondrian’s Crepuscular Green.

LONDON, UK — Ana Araujo’s ‘Feeling through sight’ in RIBA Journal of Architecture.


LONDON, UK — Felix Mara’s ‘A Roman theatre of light’ in Architects’ Journal Specification.

LONDON, UK — ‘Architecture as entertainment’ in AA School Fulcrum, via Jack Self.

LONDON, UK — ‘House of Dust’ at the AA School, via Ana Araujo, Takero Shimazaki, and Alexandra Savtchenko-Belskaia.

BERLIN, Germany — Tim Berge’s ‘Haus aus Staub’ in

LONDON, UK — Amy Frearson’s ‘House of Dust’ in

MILAN, Italy — Paolo Maria Noseda’s ‘Una casa, una visione’ in Corriere della Sera Casamica.

ROME, Italy — ‘Incontro con l’architetto’ on the RAI Radio 3 Suite, interviewed by Andrea Penna.

ROME, Italy — Massimiliano Beffa’s House of Dust.


BEIJING, China — Helen Geng Haizhen’s ‘印象派建筑师’ in Interior Architecture of China.

WUPPERTAL, Germany — ‘Taking a position’ in build Das Architekten-Magazin, interviewed by Ralf Ferdinand Broekman and Olaf Winkler.

LONDON, UK — Postmodern Cafe at the Victoria & Albert Museum, via Suzanne Trocmé.

PEMBROKESHIRE, UK — For No One’s Purple House.

ROME, Italy — Francesco Pignataro’s Monteverde.


LONDON, UK — ‘Light and rendering’ at the Chelsea College of Art, via Ana Araujo.

WUPPERTAL, Germany — ‘Values transcending time’ in build Das Architekten-Magazin, interviewed by Ralf Ferdinand Broekman and Olaf Winkler.

LONDON, UK — Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Tony Chambers: “Cardillo is one of the most significant architects of our time.

MILAN, Italy — Sergio Rossi’s Akin to a Cinema Set, via Suzanne Trocmé.

TAKARAZUKA, Japan — Nomura Koumuten’s The Inexact Quality.

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