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Sicilian visitors modern architecture style

New Brunswick,

The Sicilian Visitors book focuses on a wide range of cultural aspects of the island of Sicily including religion, literature, art, music, science, sports, food as well describing visitors who have come to the island and their impressions

Sicilian Visitors Volume 2 Culture


We present a few brief snippets of some modern architects and their work in Sicily. In 1953, the Venetian architectural master Carlo Scarpa renovated the palace of a one time port master of Palermo. Today, it is a museum and Walter Gropius calls it “A masterpiece. In Palermo I have seen the best museum design ever.”⁠[1] Danilo Dolci, educated as an architect, became a leading figure in the struggle to use nonviolent means to achieve social justice. He moved to Sicily in 1952 and died in 1999. While in Sicily, he helped to establish a ‘people’s college’, an educational center for primary school children; a variety of centers for conflict resolution.⁠[2] In 1955, Carlo Broggi in 1955 built a 17 story skyscraper. Gae Aulenti has transformed a 17th century townhouse into a stunning, modern venue. Palazzo Amoroso, was built in 1974 by three Italian masters of rationalism, Ludovico Barbiano di Belgioioso, Enrico Peressuti, Ernesto Nathan Rogers. Is a blend of ancient and modern styles.⁠[3] Antonino Cardillo is a modern Sicilian architect. He studied in Rome and from 2007 until 2011 and designed seven imaginary houses to international acclaim. In 2009, he was selected to be among the best thirty architects of the year by a British magazine.⁠[4]


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