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, 2023–2008

List sorted by date in reverse order of the architect participations in some series of exhibitions and lectures in schools and museums

Events at the Pepoli Museum‡

Museo Pepoli, Trapani, 26 May 2023

After an introduction by Rita Cedrini, Antonino Cardillo explains his built projects in the conference ‘Anthropology in architecture’, part of the series of cultural events of the Agostino Pepoli Regional Museum in Trapani.

Open House Roma 2023

Open City, Rome, 20–21 May 2023

Guided tour by Antonino Cardillo of the House of Dust, part of the Open House Roma 2023 program curated by Gaia Maria Lombardo. The opera celebrates the opening day of the Festival by also hosting the first of the ‘Nine by Night’ aperitifs.

Open House Roma 2021

Open City, Rome, 2–3 October 2021

Guided tour by Alfredo Vattimo of the House of Dust by Antonino Cardillo, part of the Open House Roma 2021 program curated by Gaia Maria Lombardo.

Dessauer Gespräche‡

DIA, Bauhaus Campus, Dessau, 13 November 2019

After an introduction by Johannes Kister, Antonino Cardillo recounts his built projects in the conference ‘A synchronicity of cultures and civilisations’, part of the Dessau Talks series of the Dessau Institute of Architecture of the Bauhaus Campus.

Rome Video Game Lab 2019‡

Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Rome, 11 May 2019

Antonino Cardillo talks about the relationship between video games and architecture in the lecture ‘From Zak McKracken to House of Dust’, part of a panel curated by Diego Grammatico for the Rome Video Game Lab festival of the Istituto Luce at the Cinecittà Studios.


Royal College of Art, London, 22 January 2019

Antonino Cardillo talks about ‘The making of Rome’s Off Club’, part of the Inside/Out series curated by the representatives of students Yara Boulos and Riccardo Rizzetto of the Interior Design department of the Royal College of Art.


STATION-Berlin, Berlin, 23 November 2017

At the invitation of Stephan Burkoff, Antonino Cardillo talks about how archetypes build the language of architecture in the conference ‘Vaults, grottoes, arches and polychromy’, part of the Heinze ArchitekTOUR congress in the halls of the former Berlin Station.

Mitte/Rand Salon‡

Mitte/Rand Verlag, Berlin, 21 November 2017

After an introduction by Jeanette Kunsmann, Tim Berge interviews Antonino Cardillo about his beginnings, his attitude towards antiquity and the sexuality of architecture at the Mitte/Rand Salon on Berlin’s Marienstraße.

Rooms. Novel Living Concepts

Palazzo dell’Arte, Triennale di Milano, 2 April–12 September 2016

Exhibition of a board on the House of Dust by Antonino Cardillo among fifty representative Italian interior architecture projects from the 1925 to 2016, part of the Rooms. Novel Living Concepts exhibition by Beppe Finessi at the Palazzo dell’Arte of the Triennale di Milan.

Constructed Realities‡

Goethe–Universität, Deutschen Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt am Main, 1 December 2015

Antonino Cardillo presents his imagined projects from the Seven Houses for No One series and Carolin Höfler proposes his interpretation ‘Models in reality. The digital image promises of Antonino Cardillo’ in the conference ‘Faked reality. The dream houses of Antonino Cardillo’, part of the Constructed Realities series of Goethe University at the German Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt.

Space and Light

Sir John Soane’s Museum, London Design Festival, 13 September–11 October 2014

At the invitation of Abraham Thomas, Antonino Cardillo unveils the series of seven Min sculptures, part of the Space and Light exhibition installed in Sir John Soane’s Museum’s historic No.12 Breakfast Room.

Intermediate Unit 2‡

AA School, London, 20 November 2013

At the invitation of Alexandra Savtchenko‐Belskaia (Sasha), lecture on the House of Dust by Antonino Cardillo with the supervision of a field trip to Sicily part of the Intermediate Unit 2 course by Ana Araujo and Takero Shimazaki of the Architectural Association school of architecture.

Building Images

Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum, Basel, 8 December 2012–21 April 2013

Exhibition of some publications on Antonino Cardillo’s House of Convesities and Hubertus Adam’s mention of the ‘Cardillo phenomenon’ in the Building Images exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Architecture in Basel.

The London Design Festival 2011

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 17–25 September 2011

At the invitation of Suzanne Trocmé, publication of Antonino Cardillo’s Postmodern Cafe project for the main exhibition of the V&A Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970–90 on the guide The London Design Festival 2011.

BA Interior and Spatial Design Course‡

Chelsea College of Arts and Design, London, 15 November 2010

Antonino Cardillo recounts his computer-generated images in the lecture ‘Light and rendering’ part of Ana Araujo’s BA Interior and Spatial Design course at Chelsea College of Arts and Design.

Wallpaper* Future 30

Chabot Museum, Biennale of Rotterdam, September 2009–January 2010

Exhibition of the Lime and Limpid Green House model by Antonino Cardillo part of the Wallpaper* Future 30 exhibition curated by Ellie Stathaki at the Chabot Museum for the 4th Rotterdam International Architecture Biennale.

John Foxx DNA

The Horse Hospital, London, 27–31 July 2009

Exhibition of a printing of Ellipse 1501 House and the video Tales of Light on four projects among those then called Houses for No One by Antonino Cardillo, part of the exhibition on artists inspired by John Foxx at The Horse Hospital in London.


Popov Central Museum of Communications, St-Petersburg, March–November 2008

Exhibition of three boards on the projects Canto Sospeso, Let There Be More Light, Ellipse 1501 House and Birnbeck Island by Antonino Cardillo, part of the Artindex Architectural Dialogue exhibition at the Central Communication Museum A.S. Popov in St-Petersburg.