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Open House Roma 2024


Guided tours by Andrea Paolo Massara of the Off Club (Anima) project part of the Open House Roma 2024 program curated by Gaia Maria Lombardo

Open House Roma 2024


Open House Roma was born from the idea of a group of architects and communicators oriented towards socio-cultural innovation. It is an annual event that in 9 days celebrates design and architecture in the capital. About 200, sites of any era and usually inaccessible, are opened to the public through free guided tours. Open House Roma is part of the Open House Worldwide network, an international organisation headquartered in London, where the project was born in 1992 and established itself driven by a formidable public success. Open House has thus spread to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Australia and Africa.

Off Club (Anima)

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Off Club (Anima) in Open House Roma 2024

Andrea Paolo Massara talks about the Off Club project (today called ‘Anima Restaurant and Club’) in Open House Roma 2024. Photograph: André Mas