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Space and Light

London, 13 September‑11 October 2014

Exhibition of Antonino Cardillo’s Min sculpture series part of the exhibition at Sir John Soane’s Museum coinciding with the London Design Festival

Sir John Soane's Museum


Sir John Soane’s architecture always put great emphasis on the use of light and shadow and he has been described as the ‘Master of Space and Light’. This aspect of Soane’s work will be explored by leading contemporary designers in a pop-up exhibition, entitled ‘Space and Light’ for London Design Festival (13 September—21 September). The curated display features work by the likes of Paul Schütze, Ab Rogers, Sebastian Bergne and Tiipoi, and will be installed in the Museum’s historic No.12 Breakfast Room.

Space and Light features a collection of one-off pieces and never-before-seen products, all available for sale, offering visitors a rare opportunity to own unique and limited edition designs from some of the world’s most exciting designers and creatives.

Multi-disciplinary artist and photographer Paul Schütze has created a limited edition photographic print of the Soane Museum’s interior illuminated by London’s night sky, while architect and designer Ab Rogers presents a brand new kinetic LED light.

New design brand Tiipoi, founded by Spandana Gopa, will showcase the unique Mirror 6. This distinctive piece has been crafted by a family of mirror makers from Aranmula, Kerala, India, an area famous for traditional craftsmanship and its skilled glass and mirror makers. The family, who has been crafting mirrors for generations, has kept the manufacturing process a family secret for over 600 years.

Renowned industrial designer Sebastian Bergne has created a sculptural lamp entitled ‘Flame’ which has been inspired by and recreates the caricature images of flames found in comics and cartoons.

Other works on display include a series hanging statue-lamps and a miniature but delicately formed gold chandelier encased inside an everyday light bulb both created by interior designers Mineheart, while critically acclaimed architect Antonino Cardillo will showcase the MIN lamp, an arch-shaped lamp beautifully carved from a single shard of mineral.

Xanthe Arvanitakis, Managing Director of Soane Museum Enterprises says: “This pop-up exhibition truly reflects Soane’s multi-faceted architectural legacy and we are absolutely thrilled to be presenting Space and Light during London Design Festival. To showcase these 21st Century creation within Soane’s 18th Century home is a wonderful contribution to this year’s LDF from these very talented designers.”

All pieces from the exhibition are available from the Sir John Soane’s Museum Shop and each purchase supports the Museum, its public programme and its ongoing temporary exhibition programme.

  • Paul Schütze
  • Ab Rogers
  • Sebastian Bergne
  • Brendan Young
  • Spandana Gopal
  • Antonino Cardillo


Since the Etruscan tombs, even before appearing as a structural element in the history of architecture, the arch derived its figure from the phallus. Inspired by the Egyptian God of fertility Min, a series of seven sculptures at Sir John Soane’s Museum investigates the origin of the sacred.

Min at the Soane Breakfast Parlour

Antonino Cardillo, Min, Sir John Soane’s Museum, Breakfast Parlour, 12 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, 13 Sept.–11 Oct. 2014. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

Sir John Soane's Museum

John Soane, Sir John Soane’s Museum, Portico, 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, 1812. Photography: Antonino Cardillo, 2014


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