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Events at the Pepoli Museum

, Trapani,

Anthropology in architecture lecture part of the cultural events at the Agostino Pepoli Regional Museum in Trapani

Museo Agostino Pepoli

On Friday, May 26 at 6 pm at the conference hall of the Agostino Pepoli Museum of Trapani, the anthropologist Rita Cedrini and the architect Antonino Cardillo will converse on the significance of the anthropological method in the architectural project and on the sense of returning. Architecture is often confused with advertising promotion, entertainment, economic exploitation and the celebration of technique. Signs and symbols of the places it encounters are constantly in danger of being overwhelmed by hasty and impulsive transformations. The cancellation of the past is the mother of all neurosis, but remembering is not enough. The ‘Mystical Participation’ of Lucien Lévy-Bruhl and Carl Gustav Jung reminds us to ‘feel the things of the world.’

Anthropology in architecture

Rita Cedrini

Antonino is not just any architect, Antonino is an explorer, and we know well that those who mark the new roads are often misunderstood because they are ahead of others. He is the one who dialogues with a changing world. Culture is a dynamic fact and he grasps what are the changes and the orientations. […]

Anthropology in architecture

‘Anthropology in architecture’ conference poster. Graphic design and photo: Antonino Cardillo