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Open House Roma 2021

, Rome,

Guided tours of the House of Dust project part of the Open House Rome 2023 program curated by Gaia Maria Lombardo

Open House Roma 2021

Open House is the largest event in the world dedicated to the promotion of architecture. Born in 1992 in London, today it is present annually in 45 cities around the world. Since 2012, with Open House Roma, hundreds of places, remarkable for their architectural and artistic peculiarities, are open to the public, every year free of charge, with guided tours, for a weekend. Knowledge, participation, cultural transversality are the key concepts on which this great project that animates the entire city is built year after year. Open House Roma is organised and produced by Open City Roma, a non-profit association that promotes, through its many activities, the convergence of interests of the entire community towards a more sustainable and culturally aware city.

Area Villa Borghese-Via Veneto

  1. Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen
  2. Nuovo Ampliamento Facoltà di Architettura
  3. Palazzina Nebbiosi
  4. Palazzo Corrodi
  5. Uffici McKinsey e Company
  6. Accademia di Danimarca
  7. Accademia d’Egitto
  8. Villa Medici, Accademia di Francia
  9. Casa Museo Giorgio De Chirico
  10. Salone Margherita
  11. Villa Maraini, Istituto Svizzero di Roma
  12. Palazzo Piacentini
  13. House of Dust
  14. Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi
  15. Fra Borromini e Bernini: il Barocco e la Via Pia
  16. Ministero della Marina Militare

Open House Roma Guide 2021 with House of Dust

Area 3, Open House Roma Guide, 2021


(House of Dust)

  • Concept: Leonardo Mayol, Davide Paterna
  • Director: Davide Paterna
  • Programme: Gaia Maria Lombardo
  • Guide: Alfredo Vattimo
  • Assistants: Luisa Macchione, Martina Viscogliosi
  • Thanks to the owner Massimiliano Beffa


  • Antonino Cardillo, ‘House of Dust’ (pdf), Open House Roma, area 3, ed. Gaia Maria Lombardo, Rome, Sept. 2021, p. 16.