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Mitte/Rand Salon


After an introduction by Jeanette Kunsmann, Tim Berge interviewed Antonino Cardillo in the Salon of the publishing house Mitte/Rand at Berlin’s Marienstraße

Mitte/Rand Verlag

Press release

Antonino Cardillo is an architect with an extraordinary career and no less controversial positions. A fog looms over his work that blurs past and present, truth and illusion. On Tuesday, November 21, 2017, Tim Berge spoke to Antonino at the first Mitte/Rand Salon in Marienstraße about his beginnings, his attitude towards antiquity and the sexuality of architecture.


, with Tim Berge

How do you live your day? I am waiting for my time. I think the best ideas come when you do not do anything. So, in the morning I go to the bar and look at people. In Sicily there is a lot to watch. It is an incredible setting. I listen to languages and stories. I observe lifestyles. I look at the elderly, how they interact with each other. I therefore learn about the human function. In modern cities, human beings are distracted. So analysing the behaviours of people in Sicily helps to understand, by difference, some aspects of modernity. […]

Tim Berge spoke to Antonino Cardillo at the Mitte/Rand Salon

Tim Berge spoke to Antonino Cardillo, Mitte/Rand Salon, Marienstraße 10, Berlin. Photography: Markus Hieke