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Intermediate Unit 2

Palermo-Trapani,  (trip)
London,  (lecture)

Trip to Sicily and the House of Dust lecture part of the Ana Araujo and Takero Shimazaki Intermediate Unit 2 course of the Architectural Association School of Architecture

AA School


Intermediate 2 has been committed to bringing tactile, delicate and sensual poetry back to the AA and to the architectural discourse since 2010. There is a sense of immediacy when we visit buildings, which can not be replicated in photography. A place, or a space is where you see, but also where you touch, smell, hear and breathe in. It is a very obvious point, but very few buildings and architecture today focus on these basic human needs, resulting in loss of memorable spaces. Architecture today is highly aesthetic and image-focused; less about the location, materiality or the experience. With the development of digital communication, the apparent ‘need’ to be in‑situ seems less necessary and ‘design’ can be done in an office or in a room far away from the site. We aspire to producing architecture that directly communicate to the senses.

Trip to Sicily

  • Thursday 31st October
    London –⁠ Tonnara di Scopello
  • Friday 1st November
    Visit to Palermo: Chinese Pavillion, San Domenico Oratory
    Presentation by Antonino Cardillo:
    Introduction to Sicily & House of Dust
    Film: Luchino Visconti, The Leopard
  • Saturday 2nd November
    Visit to Villa Palagonia and to the Church of Castelbuono
    Charcoal Drawing Workshop with Willem de Bruijn at Villa Palagonia
    Film: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Canterbury Tales
  • Sunday 3rd November
    Visit to Palermo: Zisa, San Cataldo Church, Gangi-Valguarnera Palace, Villa Igea
    Film: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Arabian Nights
  • Monday 4th November
    Tour around Erice
  • Tuesday 5th November
    Tonnara di Scopello –⁠ London

House of Dust

Hot on the heels of our Sicilian love affair, Intermediate 2 presents an evening to transport us once more to the stone island’s spectacular sensuous atmosphere and rich cultural syncretism. The House of Dust [by Antonino Cardillo] takes its influences from primordial caverns, renaissance grottos and nymphaea at Rome’s Villa Doria Pamphilj. Materiality, colour and light evoke an archaeological architecture—a ceiling of rough plaster is the colour of bare earth and the palest pink light evokes dawn and flowers—the colour of beauty that dies. The House breathes light through spaces in a balanced sequence of compression and dilations.

Antonino Cardillo at the AA School New Soft Room

Antonino Cardillo, House of Dust, paper presented to the ‘Intermediate Unit 2’, New Soft Room, AA School, 36 Bedford Square, London. Photography: Marco Ponzianelli

AA School events list

AA School’s Events List: Term 1, Week 8, Monday 18–Saturday 23 November 2013, AA Weekly.


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