Antonino Cardillo


Since 2007, Antonino Cardillo reintroduces arches, grottoes, vaults, and polychromy in the present. His alternate reality investigates interrupted stories from the past.

Published widely across the globe, Antonino Cardillo has been reputed one of the most significant architects of our time by Wallpaper* magazine. He has also lectured at the Architectural Association School in London and his works have been exhibited at different venues, including the Sir John Soane’s Museum, the Deutsche Architekturmuseum, and the Triennale di Milano.

Antonino Cardillo

Photo: Cyrill Matter

List of Facts


SAN LUIS OBISPO, California — The Journey to a Coral Cave recounts the visit of Brianna Ruland to the Specus Corallii.

SYDNEY, Australia — Almira Armstrong presents her favourite three works by Antonino in


SYDNEY, Australia — The Team Yellowtrace selects the ‘Specus Corallii’ among the world’s most significant public buildings of the year 2017. Opening image of the article.

NEW YORK, New York State — Oliver Haslegrave cites Antonino in

BERLIN, Germany — By invitation of Stephan Burkoff and Jeanette Kunzmann (DEAR magazine), Tim Berge interviews Antonino at the Mitte/Rand Salon. Dedicated DEAR monographic newsletter.

BERLIN, Germany — Antonino is a keynote speaker at the Heinze Architektour Congress at the Station Berlin.

MILAN, Italy — Jean-Marie Martin recounts the ‘Specus Corallii’ in «Casabella».

SEOUL, South Korea — The Noroo Pantone Color Institute identifies the ‘House of Dust’ (2013) as a trend of the years 2018 and 2019.

PARIS, France — The fashion forecasting agency Promostyl chooses the ‘Specus Corallii’ (2016) as a trend for the seasons of the year 2019.

PARIS, France — Clarissa Scalisi confirms the ‘Crepuscular Green’ (2014) palette scheme as influence of the colour trend of the year 2017 in «Marie Claire Maison France».

NEW DELHI, India — Mrinalini Ghadiok presents the ‘Four Grottoes’ as feature story of «Mondo*Arc India».

ROME, Italy — Francesca Gottardo recounts the ‘Specus Corallii’ in the Paolo Portoghesi magazine «Abitare la Terra».

LOCOGRANDE, Sicily — Federico Chiarello and Antonio Mistretta, with Diego Grammatico, interview Antonino at The Trail Blazers ZAK radio.

LONDON, England — Alice Morby features the ‘Crepuscular Green’ in

BERLIN, Germany — “Antonino Cardillo Architecture and Truth” is the cover story of the first issue of «DEAR»: eighteen pages recount the journey to Sicily of Jeanette Kunsmann and Stephan Burkoff.

MUNICH, Germany — ‘Specus Corallii’ cover picture of the architecture pages in the April issue of «AD Architectural Digest».

ROMA, Italia — Luigi Frudà and Sebastiano Costantino introduce the ‘Specus Corallii’ in Strenna D’Agosto 2016, stories, memories, and recounts of Sicily.

BERLIN, Germany — BauNetz Special Newsletter features the ‘Specus Corallii’ article among the most read pieces of the year 2016.


BERLIN, Germany — Jeanette Kunsmann recounts the ‘Specus Corallii’ in BauNetz Leader article of the newsletter #59 and cover picture of the BauNetz homepage of December 1st, 2016.

ROME, Italy — Paolo Antonacci features ‘Antonino. Grotte’ in Rassegna #128 of

LONDON, England — Jessica Mairs unveils the ‘Specus Corallii’ in Interior icon for one week.

LONDON, England — Trudie Carter features the ‘House of Dust’ among ten of the most popular pink-hued interiors in

LONDON, England — Lara Bohinc cites Antonino in Evening Standard.

NEW YORK, New York State — Zurain Imam interviews Antonino for «ODDA».

COLOGNE, Germany — Carolin Höfler lectures Hyper Desire Digitale Wirklichkeitsversprechen at the Technical University of Cologne, which compares the Antonino's ‘Ellipse 1501 House’ to the Ken Adam’s production design for the ‘007 Moonraker’ movie.

MILAN, ItalyXXI Triennale di Milano — By invitation of the curator Beppe Finessi, Antonino showcases the ‘House of Dust’ at the Palazzo della Triennale: through a selection of fifty works the exhibition ‘Rooms: novel living concepts’ presents an history of Italian interior design ranging from the 1920s to the present day.

LONDON, England — The Westfield report «How We Shop Now: What’s Next» identifies the sensorial experience of the ‘Colour as a Narrative’ project as a key future trend.


TRAPANI, Sicily — December 25th — Antonino recounts his incoming project ‘Specus Corallii’ in «Lettera Aperta», the magazine of the Parish of San Lorenzo Cathedral of Trapani.

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany — Chris Dähne, Frederike Lausch, and Bettina Rudhof from Goethe-University invite Antonino to talk at the Oswald M. Ungers’ German Architecture Museum.

LONDON, England — «LS:N Global Luxury Futures Showcase 2015» showcases the ‘Colour as a Narrative’ as one of the world’s most cutting-edge luxury spaces and stores at the Claridge’s Hotel.

LONDON, England — Emma Moore features the ‘Colour as a Narrative’ in

LONDON, England — Anna Winston unveils the ‘Colour as a Narrative’ in

LONDON, England — By invitation of Suzanne Trocmé (Wallpaper* Magazine), Antonino designs the Illuminum Fragrance Gallery at 41 Dover Street, Mayfair, London. The ‘Colour as a Narrative’ project has been built in two weeks.

ROME, Italy — Francesca Gottardo recounts the ‘House of Dust’ in the Paolo Portoghesi magazine «Abitare la Terra».

BERLIN, Germany — Kristina Herresthal und Lisa Kadel interview Antonino (besides Rem Koolhaas, Nils Buschmann and Tom Friedrich, Kersten Geers David Van Severen, Adrian Streich, Grüntuch Ernst, and Tarek Massalme, Philip Rieseberg and Jan-Oliver Kunze) over the theme References for «Baunetzwoche».

BERLIN, Germany — Jeanette Kunsmann unveils the ‘Crepuscular Green’ in BauNetz

MILAN, Italy — Elisabetta Colombo interviews Antonino for «Corriere della Sera Living».

BERLIN, Germany — Jeanette Kunsmann dedicates a paragraph to the Antonino’s work in her critic on the ‘Photoshop 25 Years’ in «Baunetzwoche».


Antonino moves from Rome to Trapani, Sicily.

LONDON, England — The Phaidon editions book Room: Inside Contemporary Interiors selects the ‘House of Dust’ as one of the world’s most exceptional spaces of the past five years. Opening feature of the promotional teaser on Youtube.

LONDON, England — «Port» features Antonino as a runner-up for the title of “the five most influential architects of the year in the world”.

LONDON, England — Abraham Thomas (via Siobhan Henderson) invites Antonino to showcase his ‘MIN’ sculptures inside the antique cabinets of the Breakfast Room of the Sir John Soane’s Museum at 12 Lincoln’s Field Inn.

ROME, Italy — Klaus Mondrian commits Antonino to refurbish his Mondrian Suite art gallery in Quartiere San Lorenzo, Rome. The ‘Crepuscular Green’ project has been built in three weeks.

Antonino lives in Rome for nine months. Throughout this time, he visits Etruscan ruins in Lazio and Medieval sites in Abruzzo with Paolo Bedetti.

LONDON, England — Jenny Dalton interviews Antonino for the «Financial Times’ How To Spend It». Photography on the index page.

PARIS, France — The fashion forecasting agency Texworld chooses the ‘House of Dust’ as a trend for the season of the years 2015 and 2016.

LONDON, England — The fashion forecasting agencies WGSN and LS:N Global choose the ‘House of Dust’ as a trend for the season of the years 2015 and 2016.

LONDON, England — Ana Araujo recounts the ‘House of Dust’ in «The Journal of Architecture» (Royal Institute of British Architects).


LONDON, England — Jack Self (via Alexandra Savtchenko-Belskaia) invites Antonino to publish his ‘Architecture as Entertainment’ text in «Fulcrum», the weekly publication about architecture printed by Architectural Association.

LONDON, England — Ana Araujo, Takero Shimazaki, and Alexandra Savtchenko-Belskaia invite Antonino to talk at the Architectural Association School of Architecture.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Riya Patel features the ‘House of Dust’ in «Frame». Pink plastic envelope of the issue no. 95 inspired by the Work.

LONDON, England — Felix Mara features the ‘House of Dust’ as cover of the October issue of the «Architects’ Journal Specification».

Antonino lives with Ana Araujo in London for four months.

BERLIN, Germany — Tim Berge features the ‘House of Dust’ in BauNetz

LONDON, England — Amy Frearson unveils the ‘House of Dust’ in

MILAN, Italy — Paolo Maria Noseda unveils the ‘House of Dust’ in «Corriere della Sera Casamica».

ROME, Italy — Andrea Penna and Monica D’Onofrio (via Auronda Scalera and Daniela Condò) interview Antonino at the ‘House of Dust’ for the primetime Italian public broadcast RAI Radio 3 Suite.

ROME, Italy — The Italian director Pasquale Marino and the photographer Valentina Belli produce a short film over the ‘House of Dust’.

BRADFORD, England — The British musician Paula O’Brien performs the ‘House of Dust’ poem written by Antonino Cardillo.


DORSET, England — Ana Araujo and Takero Shimazaki invite Antonino to talk at the Hooke Park campus of the Architectural Association School of Architecture.

ROME, Italy — Massimiliano Beffa commits Antonino to refurbish his apartment in Quartiere Ludovisi, Rome. The ‘House of Dust’ project has been built in nine months.

TRAPANI, Sicily — The Chamber of Architects of Trapani awards Antonino as one of four most significant young architects of the Province.

NEW YORK, New York State — The Mitchell Oakley Smith book Art / Fashion in 21st Century (Thames & Hudson editions) features the ‘Sergio Rossi Men’s ephemeral boutique’.

FLORENCE, Italy — Stefano Mirti and Gioia Guerzoni publish a fictional interview with Antonino in «Opere».

POTSDAM, Germany — Carl Zillich stirs the debate over the Houses for No One series in Contributions by Fabrizio Gallanti, Lars Kruckeberg, Wolfram Putz e Thomas Willemeit, Martin Sobota (alias Cityförster), Peter Reischer, Tobias Walliser, Volkwin Marg.

ZÜRICH, Switzerland — Gabriele Detterer discusses about the Houses for No One series in «Neue Zürcher Zeitung».

HAMBURG, Germany — Susanne Beyer interviews Antonino for «Der Spiegel» about the Houses for No One series at the ‘Monteverde Apartment’ in Rome. Article in editorial.

VIENNA, Austria — Peter Reicher launches the controversy over the Houses for No One series in «Falter».


BEIJING, China — Helen Geng Haizhen interviews Antonino for a dedicated monographic issue of «Interior Architecture of China».

WUPPERTAL, Germany — Ralf Ferdinand Broekman and Olaf Winkler interview Antonino for «build».

Antonino lives in London for one month. Throughout this time, he visits the Sir John Soane’s Museum and the Clore Gallery at the Tate Britain.

LONDON, England — By invitation of Suzanne Trocmé (Wallpaper* Magazine), Antonino designs the ‘Postmodern Cafe’, the London Design Festival 2011’s dedicated entrance to the Victoria & Albert Museum. The project has not been built due to lack of funds.

ROME, Italy — Massimo Locci recounts ‘Ellipse 1501 House’, ‘House of Twelves’, ‘Nomura House’, and ‘Sergio Rossi Men’s ephemeral boutique’ in «L’Architetto Italiano».

LONDON, England — Gian Luca Amadei interviews Antonino (besides Richard Meier, Odile Decq, Kengo Kuma, and Peter Wilson) over James Stirling for «Blueprint».


LONDON, England — Antonino meets Ana Araujo (via Gian Luca Amadei), who invited him to discuss his practice’s work at the Chelsea College of Art.

WUPPERTAL, Germany — Ralf Ferdinand Broekman and Olaf Winkler interview Antonino for «build».

LONDON, England — Malaika Byng unveils the ‘Sergio Rossi Men’s ephemeral boutique’ in

MILAN, Italy — By invitation of Suzanne Trocmé (Wallpaper* Magazine), Antonino designs the Sergio Rossi Men’s ephemeral boutique in Milan. The ‘Akin to a Cinema Set’ project has been built in ten days. Wallpaper* Editor-in-Chief Tony Chambers said of it: Cardillo is one of the most significant architect of our time.

BERLIN, Germany — Judith Jenner interviews Antonino over ‘House of Convexities’ for «H.O.M.E.».


MELBOURNE, Australia — Thomson Carpenter interviews Antonino for the gay magazine «DNA».

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands — Ellie Stathaki and Jonathan Bell invite Antonino to showcase the Model House committed by Wallpaper* in occasion of the 2009 Architects Directory award, at the Chabot Museum in Museumpark.

OSAKA, Japan — Kenji Nomura commits Antonino to design a timber house in Takarazuka, Prefecture of Hyogo, Japan. ‘The Inexact Quality’ project has been built in seven months.

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Chanel Chan invites Antonino to write a text about the light and architecture topic for «Tasarim».

LONDON, England — The British musician John Foxx invites Antonino to showcase the ‘Ellipse 1501 House’ and the ‘Tales of Light’ video at The Horse Hospital, besides, artworks of diverse artists inspired by Foxx’s music (among the others the Duran Duran Nick Rhodes).

LONDON, England — Ellie Stathaki and Jonathan Bell select Antonino as one of the thirty finest young architects of the year for «Wallpaper*», the British leading design, fashion, and lifestyle magazine.


The Houses for No One series is broadly published in blogs, magazines, and books around the world.

MELBOURNE, Australia — Laura and Livio De Marchi commit Antonino to design their home in Kew, Melbourne, Australia. The house has never been built. From the variances of this preliminary project, the further Houses for No One have been created (‘Concrete Moon House’, ‘House of Twelves’, and ‘Purple House’).

ST-PETERSBURG, Russia — Sergei Kovaliov invites Antonino to showcase the ‘Let There Be More Light’, the ‘Birnbeck Insland’, the ‘Ellipse 1501 House’, and the ‘Canto Sospeso’ projects at the A.S. Popov Museum of Communications.


LONDON, England — Gian Luca Amadei invites Antonino to write a critic (A new form of Historicism) for «Blueprint».

ROME, Italy — Massimo Locci invites Antonino to contribute with three articles over Barcelona, Valencia, and the Egypt to three issues of the Alitalia inflight magazine «Ulisse».

MUMBAI, India — Devyani Jayakar recounts the ‘Ellipse 1501 House’ and the ‘Vaulted House’ in «Home Review», and the ‘House of Convexities’ in «Inside Outside».

MILAN, Italy — Cesare Maria Casati «L’Arca» magazine features the ‘Ellipse 1501 House’ and the ‘Vaulted House’.

SYDNEY, Australia — Matt Hussey provokes debate over the ‘Ellipse 1501 House’ in

LONDON, publishes the ‘Ellipse 1501 House’.

ROME, Italy — Antonino begins to design the Houses for No One series (‘Ellipse 1501 House’, ‘Vaulted House’, ‘House of Convexities’, and ‘Max’s House in a Small Lake’).


Together with Massimiliano Beffa, Antonino visits ancient and modern sites of Praha (Vladislav Hall and St Nicholas Church at Malá Strana), Morocco (Royal Stables in Meknes and Bahia Palace in Marrakech), Barcelona (German Pavilion), France (Mont Saint-Michel and Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp), London (Barbican Estate, Royal National Theatre, Secret Garden of St. John’s Lodge), Cologne (Wallraf-Richartz Museum), Egypt (Temple of Hatshepsut and Philae Island), Habana (Great Theatre of Havana, Cathedral e Palacio de los Capitanes Generales), and Istanbul (Şehzade Mosque, Harem of Topkapı Palace).


PALERMO, Sicily — The Galleria EXPA selects the ‘Dualistic House’ project as one of the twenty best contemporary house of Sicily.

LONDON, selects the ‘Dualistic House’ project as one of the top thirty houses of the year.

Kathrin Gramsdorff introduces the Classical music journalist Charles Searson to Antonino, who became his longtime English translator.


ROME, Italy — Cesare Maria Casati (via Nicola De Risi) invites Antonino to contribute to his course of ‘Laboratorio di Allestimento I’ at the Faculty of Architecture ‘Valle Giulia’.

He moves from Desenzano del Garda to Rome. Earning a living producing computer generated imagery for adept architects, there, he studies classical antiquities and modern sites for nine years, including Castel Sant’Angelo, Villa Borghese (by night), Terme di Caracalla, Circo di Massenzio, Porta di San Sebastiano, Sant’Andrea al Quirinale, Via Vittorio Veneto e Via Bissolati, Chiesa di Sant’Andrea della Valle, Santa Maria in Trastevere, Villa Medici, Villa Giulia, Accademia di Danimarca, Quartiere E42, Parco del Ninfeo (by night), Pantheon, Villa Adriana a Tivoli, Villa Doria Pamphilj, Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, Casa della Scherma, Palestra di Mussolini.


MILAN, Italy — He works with Fabio Nonis and Carlo Alberto Maggiore.

He moves from Trapani to Desenzano del Garda (Lake Garda), where he met his former boyfriend Massimiliano Beffa. has been created.

ERYX, Sicily — He designs the ‘Dualistic House’ project with Pietro Maltese.

TRAPANI, Sicily — Pietro Maltese and Paolo Marconi commit Antonino to create a computer 3D model and generated imagery for the restoration project of the XVI-XVIII centuries ‘Palazzo Riccio Baroni di San Gioacchino’.


PALERMO, Sicily — After an early study of thesis over the Stanley Kubrick’s movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and the late 60s context, he graduates in architecture with a project for an experimental building at the Trapani’s Marina (Giovanni Sarta supervisor).


PALERMO, Sicily — He studies at the Faculty of Architecture under the guidance of Antonietta Iolanda Lima. Through her, he knows Bruno Zevi, Danilo Dolci, Paolo Soleri, and Nicola De Risi. Antonino also contributes to the Iolanda’s academic books and courses of ‘History of Modern Architecture’ and ‘History of Contemporary Architecture’. Among the other professors of the univeristy, he was influenced by Teresa La Rocca, Michele Argentino, Francesco De Simone, and Rita Cedrini.

Antonino studies Palermo antique and modern places of Palazzo Steri, Palazzo Abatellis, Church of San Cataldo, Zisa Palace, Villino Ida, Villino Fassini, Grand Hotel Villa Igea, Condominio di Piazza Sperlinga, Teatro Massimo, Restaurant La Scuderia, Winehouse shop Miceli, and Villa Lima-Miceli in Fondo Anfossi.


TRAPANI, Sicily — He meets Maria Antonietta Castagna, who invited him to spend some hour at day in her small office of architecture.


He spends his childhood between Trapani and Britannia.


ERYX, Sicily — Antonino was born on May 18th.






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