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Dualistic Space House


Project for the renovation of a residential building in Casa Santa district with primary volumes and curvilinear structures

Dualistic Space House


The reinforced concrete frame of an existing house looks here like an abstract geography, an irrational place on and with which to rewrite space. From the street the house looks like a tower seated on the slope of a grassy lawn. It brings together primary volumes and fluid objects with curvilinear structures, with the aim of building an organism arising from the juxtaposition of diverse spatial places which are nonetheless continuous and interconnected. At the bottom of the site, a wall defined by its internal contents is in contrast with the tower whilst sharing its base. A coordinated succession of shapes and supple lines shows off a prismatic and sharp triple height. From dusk till dawn, the external glass walls allow sun and sky to continuously reinterpret the architectural discourse, shifting its perception and plasticity.

This text was first published in,[↗] London, 2 July 2007.

Dualistic Space House

Dualistic Space House


  • Time: March–May 2003 (design)
  • Place: Via Principe di Lampedusa, Erice, Italy
  • Area: 350 m² (three storeys)
  • Typology: semi-detached house


  • Architecture design: Antonino Cardillo
  • Structural analysis: Pietro Maltese
  • Client: confidential (via Pietro Maltese)
  • CGI, text: Antonino Cardillo



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