List sorted by time of Architect Antonino Cardillo’s significant projects


Saline Ettore e Infersa, Marsala, 16 May 2021

Antonino Cardillo, Mammacaura, Marsala, 2021. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

Where you sit

Memories for Cruising

Parma, 10 July 2019

Antonino Cardillo, Memories for Cruising, Parma, 2019. Photography: Antonino Cardillo, 2021

That mysterious play of light on the fronds of the plants

Off Club

Rome, 21 June 2018

Antonino Cardillo, Off Club, Rome, 2018. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

A walled garden of golden shadows and black mirrors

Specus Corallii

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, Trapani, 27 August 2016

Antonino Cardillo, Specus Corallii, Sala Laurentina, Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, Trapani, 2016. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

The coral cave is a refuge from the world

Colour as a Narrative

Illuminum Fragrance, London, 26 April 2015

Antonino Cardillo, Colour as a Narrative, Illuminum Fragrance, London, 2015. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

The eroticism which was conveyed in the act of construction

Min at the Soane

Soane’s Museum, London, 13 September 2014

Antonino Cardillo, Min, Sir John Soane’s Museum, London, 2014. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

The arch derived its figure from the Phallus

Crepuscular Green

Mondrian Suite, Rome, 29 April 2014

Antonino Cardillo, Crepuscular Green, Mondrian Suite Art Gallery, Rome, 2014. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

A greenish dawn as seen from the depths of the river

House of Dust

Rome, 16 April 2013

Antonino Cardillo, House of Dust, Rome, 2013. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

Classical orders and golden proportions celebrate dust

Postmodern Cafe

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 6 September 2011

Antonino Cardillo, Postmodern Cafe, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2011. Graphic: Antonino Cardillo

The Pre-Modern bond between painting and architecture

Purple House

Pembrokeshire, 1 June 2011

Antonino Cardillo, Purple House, Pembrokeshire, 2011. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

Where memory lacks misunderstandings begin

Akin to a Cinema Set

Sergio Rossi, Milan, 15 April 2010

Antonino Cardillo, Akin to a Cinema Set, Sergio Rossi–Wallpaper, Milan, 2010. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

Simulation and reality overlap

House for Wallpaper*

Neues Museum, Berlin, 6 April 2009

Antonino Cardillo, House for Wallpaper* architects directory, 2009. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

The building finds its true essence within

House of Twelve

Melbourne, 1 May 2009

Antonino Cardillo, House of Twelve, Melbourne, 2009. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

The ruins of ancient Rome as fantastic visions

Concrete Moon House

Melbourne, 1 November 2008

Antonino Cardillo, Concrete Moon House, Melbourne, 2008. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

A story between two diverse formal identities

Max’s House in a Small Lake

Nimes, 1 July 2008

Antonino Cardillo, Max’s House in a Small Lake, Nimes, 2008. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

A human landing stage on the edge of a natural border

House of Convexities

Barcelona, 1 March 2008

Antonino Cardillo, House of Convexities, Barcelona, 2008. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

A curved wall jokes with the light

Vaulted House

Parma, 1 January 2008

Antonino Cardillo, Vaulted House, Parma, 2008. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

The silence of a large nave

Birnbeck Island

RIBA‑Urban Splash, Weston-Super-Mare, 24 October 2007

Antonino Cardillo, Birnbeck Island, Weston-Super-Mare, 2007. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

A panorama like multitude of lighthouses

Ellipse 1501 House

Rome, 25 March 2007

Antonino Cardillo, Ellipse 1501 House, Rome, 2007. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

A house in the shape of a tower

Let There Be More Light

Università di Palermo, Trapani, 25 March 2002

Antonino Cardillo, Let There Be More Light, aquarium, thesis, Trapani Marina, 2002.

A neoplastic dance of elementary objects