“This is a strong reference to the archetype, one which is considered as the need to return to the origin of things.”—Lucia Barbara Galli

Antonino Cardillo, Off Club, Rome, 2018. Photography: Antonino Cardillo.

Off Club

ROME, Italy—Jun 2018

A walled garden of golden shadows and black mirrors.



“Once these ancestral images are deposited in our unconscious they are emptied of their historical specificity.”—Ana Araujo

Antonino Cardillo, Specus Corallii, Trapani, Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, Sala Laurentina, 2016. Photography: Antonino Cardillo.

Specus Corallii

TRAPANI, Italy, Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, Sala Laurentina—Sep 2016

The coral cave is a refuge from the world.

Antonino Cardillo, Colour as a Narrative, London, Illuminum Fragrance, 2015. Photography: Antonino Cardillo.

Colour as a Narrative

LONDON, UK, Illuminum Fragrance—Apr 2015

Behind a portal in London, a small grey grotto.

Antonino Cardillo, Crepuscular Green, Rome, Mondrian Suite Gallery, 2014. Photography: Antonino Cardillo.

Crepuscular Green

ROME, Italy, Mondrian Suite—Apr 2014

A greenish dawn as seen from the depths of the river.

Antonino Cardillo, House of Dust, Rome, 2013. Photography: Antonino Cardillo.

House of Dust

ROME, Italy—Mar 2013

Classical orders and golden proportions celebrate dust.



“In their unlikely arrangement the arches follow a spatial logic akin to the one of the picturesque garden. They trick your expectations; they point to another world.”—Ana Araujo

Antonino Cardillo, Min, London, Sir John Soane's Museum, 2014. Photography: Antonino Cardillo.


LONDON, UK, Sir John Soane’s Museum—Sep 2014

The arch derived its figure from the Phallus.

Antonino Cardillo, Arcade Store, Milan, 2012. CGI: Antonino Cardillo.


MILAN, Italy—Apr 2012

The arch rediscovers value of connection and separation.

Antonino Cardillo, Postmodern Cafe, London, Victoria and Albert Museum, 2011. Graphic: Antonino Cardillo.

Postmodern Cafe

LONDON, UK, Victoria & Albert Museum—Aug 2011

Homage to Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970–90.

Antonino Cardillo, House for Wallpaper, Marrakech, Wallpaper Architects Directory, 2009. Photography: Antonino Cardillo.

House for Wallpaper*

MARRAKECH, Morocco, Wallpaper* Architects Directory—Mar 2009

“The world’s 30 most talented young architectural practices.”



“Nella fase realizzativa si attua un processo di decantazione di segni così efficace che il linguaggio appare chiarito e rafforzato.”—Massimo Locci

Antonino Cardillo, Monteverde, Rome, 2011. Photography: Antonino Cardillo.


ROME, Italy—Jan 2011

„Das Neue und das Alte kämen in dieser Wohnung.“

Antonino Cardillo, Akin to a Cinema Set, Milan, Sergio Rossi / Wallpaper Magazine, 2010. Photography: Antonino Cardillo.

Akin to a Cinema Set

MILAN, Italy, Sergio Rossi / Wallpaper* Magazine—Apr 2010

“An exciting and significant collaboration for Wallpaper*.”

Antonino Cardillo, La Qualità Inesatta, Takarazuka, 野村工務店 Nomura Koumuten, 2010. Photography: Antonino Cardillo.

The Inexact Quality

TAKARAZUKA, Japan, 野村工務店 Nomura Koumuten—Mar 2010

Timber structure, whitewashed walls, sloping pitched roof.

For No One


“It could be an observatory to contemplate one’s own soul. One’s own desires, own fears.”—Stefano Mirti and Gioia Guerzoni

Antonino Cardillo, Purple House, Pembrokeshire, 2011. CGI: Antonino Cardillo.

VII—Purple House


An unconscious trip into the Norman legacy.

Antonino Cardillo, House of Twelve, Melbourne, 2009. CGI: Antonino Cardillo.

VI—House of Twelve

MELBOURNE, Australia—May 2009

The ruins of ancient Rome as fantastic visions.

Antonino Cardillo, Concrete Moon House, Melbourne, 2008. CGI: Antonino Cardillo.

V—Concrete Moon House

MELBOURNE, Australia—Oct 2008

A story between two diverse formal identities.

Antonino Cardillo, Vaulted House, Parma, 2008. CGI: Antonino Cardillo.

II—Vaulted House

PARMA, Italy—Jan 2008

The silence of a large nave.



Antonino Cardillo, Nude Tower, Rome, 2007. CGI: Antonino Cardillo.

Nude Tower

ROME, Italy—Nov 2007

Project for tower hotel on Rome’s Tiber embankment.

Antonino Cardillo, Birnbeck Island, Weston-Super-Mare, RIBA, Urban Splash, 2007. CGI: Antonino Cardillo.

Birnbeck Island

WESTON-SUPER-MARE, UK, RIBA / Urban Splash—Oct 2007

Landscape project for RIBA Birnbeck Island competition.

Antonino Cardillo, Echoes, Trapani, Università di Palermo, 2001. CGI: Antonino Cardillo.

Trapani Marina

TRAPANI, Italy, Università di Palermo—2002–1994

Projects for the Trapani Marina.