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Dessauer Gespräche


Bauhaus Campus Dessau

Dessau Institute of Architecture, Bauhaus Campus

Press release

By Johannes Kister

The Dessau Talks are the faculty’s central series of lectures. More than 100 speeches and interdisciplinary lectures have been held since 1996: always on a Wednesday at 6:30 pm. In the process, architecture and topical issues are discussed with guests; it is a meeting place in the students’ public realm between colleagues bachelor and master’s students of the term. The speeches are held in German and English and simultaneously interpreted. A unique institution that has been tried and tested in the sense of an overarching presence for all courses. Each term follows a thematic orientation often developing from a social discourse that is in the air. Architecture is relevant.


  • 16. Januar
    Denis Andernach, Frankenthal
    Vom Zeichnen von Häusern
  • 17. April
    Gertrude Cepl-Kaufmann
    1900. Zeit der Utopien–Zur Topografie eines deutschen »Jahrhundertjahres«
  • 8. Mai
    Lydia Ranke
  • 22. Mai
    Christoph Sattler, München
    Architektonische Entwicklung eines Mies-van-der-Rohe-Eleven
  • 12. Juni
    Jonathan Sergison, London
    Werk und Lehre
  • 19. Juni
    Roberto González, Barcelona
  • 13. November
    Antonino Cardillo, Trapani
    A Synchronicity of Cultures and Civilisations
  • 27. November
    Andreas Kipar, Düsseldorf
    Paesaggio / Landschaft–Italien / Deutschland (K)ein Vergleich?
  • 4. Dezember
    Zeitform Architekten, Halle (Saale)
    Großmann Architektur, Halle (Saale)
    Dessauer Gespräche regional

A synchronicity of cultures and civilisations

By Antonino Cardillo

  1. The reflection on the water
  2. The cave and the things
  3. The guardians of the gold
  4. The sacred eroticism of the phallus
  5. The place of the nymph
  6. The temenos of the psyche
  7. The symbols of transformation


  • Johannes Itten, Kunst der Farbe, Otto Maier, Ravensburg, 1961; It. ed. Augusta Monferini and Marta Bignami, Arte del colore: esperienza soggettiva e conoscenza oggettiva come vie per l’arte, Il Saggiatore, Milan, 1965, pp. 156.


Bauhaus Campus Dessau

Walter Gropius, Bauhaus, Dessau, 1925‑26. Photography: Antonino Cardillo, 2019


DIA Dessauer Gespräche poster on Antonino Cardillo

Poster ‘Antonino Cardillo’ part of Johannes Kister’s Dessauer Gespräche lecture series.


  • Johannes Kister, ‘Vortragsreihe: Dessauer Gespräche’ [pdf], in Next to Bauhaus, vol. 2, ed. Matthias Hoehne, Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau Institute of Architecture, March 2020, pp. 216‑217.