Antonino Cardillo

Dualistic House

The reinforced concrete frame of an existing house looks here like an abstract geography, an irrational place on and with which to rewrite space. Here we experiment with a dual and contradictory situation, bringing together primary volumes with fluid objects, in order to construct an organism from the juxtaposition of different but continuous and interconnected spatial places, as in a narration.

Antonino Cardillo architect - Dualistic House, Sicily

Antonino Cardillo architect - Dualistic House, Sicily

Designed with Pietro Maltese from March to May 2003
Client: confidential
Address: Via Principe di Lampedusa, Eryx, Sicily
Surface: 350 square metres
Cost estimate: € 350,000
Text: Antonino Cardillo
English translator: Charles Searson
Computer-generated imagery: Antonino Cardillo

BIBLIOGRAPHY, 13.12.06, London.
Siciliarchitettura_06, EXPA, 2006, Palermo.






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