Trapani Marina

Architect Antonino Cardillo’s Trapani Marina series of projects in Trapani

Let There Be More Light

Antonino Cardillo, Let There Be More Light, aquarium, thesis, Trapani Marina, 2002.

Trapani, 25 March 2002 — Università di Palermo

Parametric NURBS-based design for a project of aquarium.


Antonino Cardillo, Echoes, thesis, Trapani Marina, 2001.

Trapani, 25 December 2001 — Università di Palermo

Some paths lead to places bathed by the sea.

Canto Sospeso

Antonino Cardillo, Canto Sospeso, thesis, Trapani Marina, 2001.

Trapani, 10 December 2001 — Università di Palermo

System of prisms cuts the space of the sky.


Antonino Cardillo, Exascape, Trapani Marina, 2001.

Trapani, 1 December 1994 — Università di Palermo

Residential building with hexagonal pattern.