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, Rome

Project for an apartment in Monteverde Vecchio Ward with grey background and greenish white enamel doors and volumes


Francesco Pignataro

The house corresponds to a principle of identity. It is complex matter, made of practicality and play, of memories and planning. Listening and organising in space was the meaning of a collaboration. In a consonance built in dialogue, Antonino understood a way of being, a rhythm. He interpreted it in proportions, materials and harmonies, giving shape to a new architectural vision. Monumental and intimate. His and mine at the same time. And able to accommodate the sediments and gestures of those who will pass over time.

[email], Rome, 25 March 2012.

Monteverde Monteverde MonteverdeMonteverde

Antonino Cardillo, Monteverde, Rome, 2011.


  • Time: July 2010‑Feb. 2011
  • Place: Monteverde Vecchio, Rome, Italy
  • Area: 80 m² (one storey)
  • Typology: apartment


  • Architecture design and construction management: Antonino Cardillo
  • Client: Francesco Pignataro
  • Building contractor: Galliani & Giorgetti
  • Masonry: Ripan Michele
  • Logistics: Giorgio Giorgetti
  • Painting: Petrica Rotaru
  • Electrical system: Camai Luca
  • Plumbing system: Emiliano Proietto


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