Residential projects

A set of residential architecture projects in Barcelona, Berlin, Erice, London, Melbourne, Milan, Nimes, Parma, Pembrokeshire, Rome, and Takarazuka

Antonino Cardillo, Memories for Cruising, Parma, 2019. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

Memories for Cruising

PARMA, Italy — 3 July 2021

Apartment interior near the city’s station.

Antonino Cardillo, House, Castiglione delle Stiviere, 2017. Graphic design: Antonino Cardillo

House in Castiglione

CASTIGLIONE D/S, Italy — 1 December 2017

Dwelling on two levels near Lake Garda.

Antonino Cardillo, House of Dust, Rome, 2013. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

House of Dust

ROME, Italy — 22 March 2013

Apartment interior in Ludovisi district.

Antonino Cardillo, Purple House, Pembrokeshire, 2011. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

Purple House


Dwelling on three levels for Pembrokeshire.

Antonino Cardillo, Monteverde, Rome, 2011. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

Monteverde Apartment

ROME, Italy — 1 January 2011

Apartment interior in Monteverde Vecchio district.

Antonino Cardillo, The Inexact Quality, Takarazuka, 2010. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

Nomura Koumuten House

TAKARAZUKA, Japan — 1 March 2010 — 野村工務店

House on two levels overlooking the Osaka bay.

Antonino Cardillo, House for Wallpaper* architects directory, 2009. Photography: Antonino Cardillo

House for Wallpaper*

BERLIN, Germany — 6 April 2009 — Neues Museum

Courtyard house for Wallpaper* architects directory.

Antonino Cardillo, House of Twelve, Melbourne, 2009. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

House of Twelve

MELBOURNE, Australia — 1 May 2009

Dwelling on two levels in Kew suburbs.

Antonino Cardillo, Concrete Moon House, Melbourne, 2008. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

Concrete Moon House

MELBOURNE, Australia — 1 November 2008

Dwelling on three levels in Kew suburbs.

Antonino Cardillo, House of Convexities, Barcelona, 2008. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

House of Convexities

BARCELONA, Spain — 1 March 2008

Dwelling on two levels for the city’s countryside.

Antonino Cardillo, Vaulted House, Parma, 2008. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

Vaulted House

PARMA, Italy — 1 January 2008

Dwelling on two levels in Felino municipality.

Antonino Cardillo, Ellipse 1501 House, Rome, 2007. CGI: Antonino Cardillo

Ellipse 1501 House

ROME, Italy — 25 March 2007

Dwelling on two levels for city’s countryside.