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Wallpaper* Future 30

Rotterdam, September 2009‑January 2010

Wallpaper* Future 30

Wallpaper*, Chabot Museum, Biennale of Rotterdam

Press release

For the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2009, Wallpaper* magazine presents Future Thirty. Brought together for the magazine’s 2009 Architects Directory, these thirty international studios have been chosen for their commitment to innovation, both spatial and contextual. The Future Thirty Exhibition reunites the featured architects, focusing on a key element of this year’s global overview; the thirty conceptual house designs created especially for the magazine. The brief called for a practical house for tomorrow, a residential prototype that would not only demonstrate their unique architectural approach, but also be adaptable to any kind of plot. The designs will be exhibited in renders, plans and models and represent a swathe of new thinking on residential design, incorporating core values like sustainability, functionality and flexibility, without losing sight of bold aesthetics and practicality. A true representation of early 20th century innovation and an expression of the modernist hope for the future, the Chabot Museum is the perfect environment for Wallpaper* to showcase the 30 bespoke residential designs for the 4th Rotterdam International Architecture Biennale. At a time of uncertainty in the global housing market, the Wallpaper* Future Thirty show that innovation is within reach of every aspiring client, bringing fresh architectural thinking from around the world into the expansive sprawl of the modern city.

Architects directory

  1. Jürg Schmid Architekten
  2. Gort Scott
  3. Divercity architects
  4. H20 Architectes
  5. Propeller Z
  6. Liddicoat and Goldhill
  7. FGMF Arquitetos
  8. Martin Lajerraga Arquitecto
  9. Cell Space
  10. Gonzalez / Larrain Arquitectos
  11. Reigo & Bauer
  12. André de França e Campos e Joana Mendes
  13. Andrew Lister Architect
  14. Anagram architects
  15. SPG architects
  16. Marge Arkitektur
  17. Antonino Cardillo Architect
  18. Studiomama
  19. Bruno Vanbesien Architect
  20. Scot DiStefano Architect
  21. ALA
  22. MooMoo Architects
  23. Phorm Architects
  24. Tierney Haynes Architects
  25. Platform 5 Architects
  26. X Architekten
  27. Group 8

Lime and Limpid Green House

‘Antonino Cardillo: Model 17’, Wallpaper* Future 30 [exhibition], 4th IABR, Chabot Museum, Rotterdam. Photography: Ellie Stathaki

Antonino Cardillo, ‘Model 17’, Wallpaper* Future 30 [exhibition], 4th IABR, Chabot Museum, Rotterdam. Photography: Ellie Stathaki


Gerrit Willem Baas and Leonard Stokla, Kraaijeveld Villa (Chabot Museum), Rotterdam, 1938

Gerrit Willem Baas and Leonard Stokla, Kraaijeveld Villa (Chabot Museum), Rotterdam, 1938