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Open House Roma 2023


The House of Dust celebrates the opening day of Open House Roma 2023 with the first of Nine by Night aperitifs

Open House Roma

Open House Roma

Nine by Night

By Open City

Open House is the largest event in the world dedicated to the promotion of architecture. Born in 1992 in London, today it is present annually in 45 cities around the world. Since 2012, Open House Roma has opened hundreds of places to the public free of charge, notable for their architectural and artistic peculiarities, with guided tours by reservation. To celebrate the 2023 edition, nine aperitifs called Nine by Night have been created. Each of them is housed every night on nine places of architecture chosen from the more than two hundred in the catalogue. Antonino Cardillo’s House of Dust, located near to Via Veneto, opens this program on Saturday 20 May, thus celebrating the first day of Open House Roma 2023. By reservation or invitation, it will be possible to visit the spaces in the company of the designer in a pleasant evening atmosphere enlivened by an aperitif offered by partner Bernabei.

OHR2023 Nine by Night

The House of Dust part of the OHR2023 Nine by Night aperitifs.


(House of Dust)

  • Concept: Leonardo Mayol and Davide Paterna
  • Director: Davide Paterna
  • Deputy director: Giovanna Mirabella
  • Programme management: Laura Calderoni
  • Programme: Gaia Maria Lombardo
  • Guide: Alfredo Vattimo
  • Assistants: Lidia Nigro, Martina Onofri and Flavia Alicino
  • Thanks to Massimiliano Beffa


  • Antonino Cardillo, ‘House of Dust,, ed. Gaia Maria Lombardo, Rome, 24 Apr. 2023.