Antonino Cardillo

Arcade Store

The store appears to the visitor almost as an enchanted palace set in a rationalist building. As in the Stables of Meknes or the Mosque of Cordoba, a succession of arches defines a perspective. The arch, icon of protection, in its airy, slender variant, codified by 13th century Italian painting and often cited by De Chirico, rediscovers in this work its double value of connection and separation of parts.

Arcade Store (Milan 2012) is an architectural project by Sicilian architect Antonino Cardillo. Rendering by Antonino Cardillo.

A delicate balancing of pearlescent greys, mauve greens, intense magenta, crystalline marbles, real and false as a toy, and a flat blue painted throughout the structure, form the palette of the scene.

State: design
Time: April 2012
Place: Corso XXII Marzo, 4, Milan, Italy
Area: 450 square metres
Cost estimate: € 800,000


Architect: Antonino Cardillo
Client: confidential
Text: Antonino Cardillo
English translator: Charles Searson
Computer-generated imagery: Antonino Cardillo

Thanks to Antonio Sechi

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Arcade Store © Antonino Cardillo