The making of Rome's Off Club

Cardillo's talk at the Royal College of Art
22 Jan 2019

School advise of the Cardillo's talk ‘The making of Rome's Off Club’ as part of the Royal College of Art’s Inside/Out series of talks.

School poster of the Cardillo's talk ‘The making of Rome's Off Club’.

LONDON, UK — 22 Jan 2019, 18:00pm
Series of talks Inside/Out, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore.

Continuing the investigation of Primordial Images (See Jung, 1921) begun with House of Dust, under one raw gold ceiling, architect Antonino Cardillo reunites the cinema of Kubrick and De Palma, Grand Theft Auto, Miami Art Deco District, psychedelic soul music, the Escher’s perspectives, Byzantine iconostases, and Japanese folding screens.


Guest lecture as part of the talk series Inside/Out, London, Royal College of Art, 22 Jan 2019.

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