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John Foxx DNA

, London, 27–

Exhibition of the Ellipse 1501 House project and video Tales of Light part of the exhibition on artists inspired by John Foxx’s thirty-year career

The Horse Hospital

The new DNA exhibition ed. ArtHertz will run from July 27‑31, featuring work by visual artists, film-makes, illustrators, Manga comic artists, graphic artists and musicians who have been inspired by different aspects of John Foxx’s 30-year career. They include films by Alex Proyas (I, Robot, The Crow), Jonathan Barnbrook (a designer who works with Damien Hirst and David Bowie), architect Antonino Cardillo (recently named by Wallpaper* magazine as one of the world’s Top 30 new architects), Japan’s Macoto Tezka, electro pioneer Gary Numan and animator Ian Emes (who also made the video for Duran Duran’s The Chauffeur), alongside prints by Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), one of Tokyo’s most famous Manga artists Reiko Okano, Karborn and John Foxx himself. The films will be run throughout the day except for Alex Proyas’s Groping which is screened every day at 2.30pm. “I think apart from his incredibly cinematic lyrics‑John’s music has always conjured entire movies in my head when I listen to it,” says Proyas. “I think it is his mastery of atmosphere that has stayed with me through the years. If I could only make a movie as textured and evocative as John’s music I would be a happy man.”

  1. John Foxx
  2. Kevin Sampson
  3. Jonathan Barnbrook
  4. Ben Charles Edwards
  5. Andrew Back
  6. Antonino Cardillo
  7. Macoto Tezka
  8. Alex Proyas
  9. Ian Emes
  10. Gary Numan
  11. Craig Hewitt
  12. Angelo Cerantola
  13. Karborn
  14. Adrian Lee
  15. Roger Spy
  16. Rob C
  17. Reiko Okano
  18. Steve d’Agostino
John Foxx DNA poster

Poster of the John Foxx DNA exhibition. Graphic design: Craig Hewitt / Image: John Foxx

Antonino Cardillo, Tales of Light [video], John Foxx DNA [exhibition], The Horse Hospital, London.