Mitte/Rand Salon

BERLIN, Germany — 21 Nov 2017
By invitation of Stephan Burkoff and Jeanette Kunsmann (DEAR magazine), Tim Berge interviews Cardillo at the Mitte/Rand Salon.

Antonino Cardillo ist ein Architekt mit außergewöhnlichem Werdegang und nicht weniger kontroversen Positionen. Über seine Arbeit spannt sich ein Nebel, der Vergangenheit und Gegenwart, Wahrheit und Illusion verschwimmen lässt. Am Dienstag, dem 21.11.2017, sprach Tim Berge beim ersten Mitte/Rand Salon in die Marienstraße mit Antonino über seine Anfänge, seine Haltung zur Antike und die Sexualität der Architektur.

Mitte/Rand Salon. Marienstraße 10 10117 Berlin

Mitte/Rand Salon on Marienstraße 10.
Photography by Markus Hieke.

Heinze Congress

BERLIN, Germany — 23 Nov 2017
Antonino Cardillo is a keynote speaker at the Heinze Architektour Congress at the Station Berlin.

Cardillo Vortrag auf dem Heinze ArchitekTOUR Kongress in Berlin
Kann ein Architekt über Entwürfe und die Bildsprache hochauflösender Architekturdarstellungen Berühmtheit erlangen? Dem sizilianischen Architekten Antonino Cardillo ist dies mit der Serie der "Imagined Houses" gelungen. In der Annahme, es handle sich um reale Bauten, wurde er 2009 von Wallpaper zu einem der weltweit bedeutendsten Architekten gekürt. Zwischen Betrugsvorwürfen und überschwänglichem Lob agiert er in einer Nische des Phantastischen und Entrückten. Die hochpräzisen und meisterlich bearbeiteten Renderings zeigen auf, wie Virtuelles als neue Realität gedeutet werden kann. Ein Hauch surrealer Fiktion, der die Zuordnung real/irreal erschwert, umgibt alle seine Arbeiten, so auch das "House of Dust" oder seine "Four Grottos". Erfahren Sie mehr am 23. November auf dem Heinze ArchitekTOUR Kongress in Berlin:

10:30 Antonino Cardillo: Vaults, Grottoes, Arches, and Polychromy
11:15 Thomas Willemeit Dream. Design. Deliver.
14:15 Mark Jenewein Graz loves Berlin
17:00 Prof. Meinhard von Gerkan Faszination Tegel

Antonino Cardillo talks at the Heinze Architektour Congress at the Station Berlin.

Antonino Cardillo at the Heinze Congress.
Photography by Marcus Jacobs Heinze GmbH.

Palazzo della Triennale

MILAN, Italy — Apr - Sep 2016
By invitation of the curator Beppe Finessi, Cardillo showcases his ‘House of Dust’ at the XXI Triennale. Through a selection of fifty works, the exhibition ‘Rooms. Novel living concepts’ presents an history of Italian interior architecture ranging from the 1920s to the present day.

The exhibition begins with a brief historical overview, introducing the subject and placing it historically through stories about the great achievements of past great masters for whom interior architecture was their first professional sphere and a privileged place for their observations on architecture Gio Ponti, Franco Albini, Carlo Mollino, Carlo Scarpa, Carlo De Carli, Vittoriano Viganò, Ettore Sottsass, Joe Colombo, Leonardo Savioli, Toni Cordero, as well as other major C20th Italian cultural players who, even just at particular times, conceived and realised housing concepts and projects BBPR, Angelo Mangiarotti, Vico Magistretti, Ignazio Gardella, Marco Zanuso, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Vittorio Gregotti, Gae Aulenti, Nanda Vigo. Works by architects who have expressed their thoughts, skills and visions of the world around us though interior architecture will be exhibited such as, for example, Michele Bonino/Coex, Antonello Boschi, Calvi Merlini Moya, Guido Canali, Gabriella and Massimo Carmassi, Gianfranco Cavaglià, Carla Ceccariglia, Massimo Curzi, Cherubino Gambardella, Antonino Cardillo, Luciano Giorgi, Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo, Johanna Grawunder, Decio Guardigli, Guido Morpurgo and Annalisa De Curtis, Francesco Pasquali, Daniele Rossi, Italo Rota, Alessandro Scandurra, UdA, Stefano Testa/Cliostraat, Bruno Vaerini, Francesco Venezia. Some of the most significant works by each of these architects will be selected and exhibited in a first large area, a great ‘celestial vault’ in which photographs, models and drawings will illustrate the history of C20th Italian interior architecture – in a sort of great three-dimensional encyclopaedia.
— The curator Beppe Finessi

Antonino Cardillo's House of Dust at the XXI Triennale di Milano: Rooms. Novel living concepts at the Salone del Mobile 2016.

XXI Triennale di Milano ‘Rooms. Novel living concepts’, Palazzo della Triennale.

German Architecture Museum

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany — 1 Dec 2015
By invitation of Chris Dähne, Frederike Lausch and Bettina Rudhof from the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Cardillo talks over his ‘Seven Houses for No One’ series:

Faked Reality: Die Traumhäuser von Antonino Cardillo
Di, 01.12.2015 - 18 Uhr im Deutschen Architektur Museum
Projektvorstellung von Antonino Cardillo, Vortrag von Carolin Höfler und anschließende Diskussion in der Reihe Constructed Realities \ Konstruierte Realitäten. Zum Verhältnis von medialen Praktiken und der Konzeption von Architektur des Kunstgeschichtlichen Instituts an der Goethe – Universität in Kooperation mit dem Deutschen Architekturmuseum und dem Deutschen Institut für Film, Frankfurt a.M.

18:00 Einführung: Chris Dähne und Frederike Lausch
18:15 Projektvorstellung: Antonino Cardillo (Architekt Trapani/ Italien)
19:00 Gastvortrag: Carolin Höfler (Technische Hochschule Köln)
19:30 Diskussion \ Moderation: Chris Dähne und Frederike Lausch

Antonino Cardillo talks at the German Architecture Museum of Frankfurt.

Antonino Cardillo talks at the German Architecture Museum of Frankfurt.

Sir John Soane's Museum

LONDON, England — Sep - Oct 2014
By invitation of the director Abraham Thomas, Antonino Cardillo showcases the ‘MIN’ series of marble sculptures inside the antique cabinets of the Breakfast Room at 12 Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

To his contemporaries, Sir John Soane was known as an architect who pushed the boundary of architecture and design. He broke from tradition to create his own interpretation of the classical form and was an advocate of utilising the latest technology in his work. Soane has been called the 'master of space and light'. As part of the London Design Festival 2014 we have invited six artists and designers whose work incorporates the theme of space and light to exhibit their latest work as part of this pop-up exhibition. Showing here are a collection of one-off pieces and never-before-seen products. The display features work by Paul Schutze, Ab Rogers, Antonino Cardillo, Sebastian Bergne, Mineheart and Tiipoi.
— The Sir John Soane’s Museum press release

Sir John Soane's Museum façade on the Lincoln's Inn Fields of London. Photograph by Antonino Cardillo.

Sir John Soane’s Museum, Lincoln’s Inn Fields of London.
Photography by Antonino Cardillo.

Architectural Association
School of Architecture

LONDON, England — 20 Nov 2013
By invitation of Ana Araujo, Takero Shimazaki, and Alexandra Savtchenko-Belskaia, Cardillo talks over his ‘House of Dust’.

Hot on the heels of our Sicilian love affair, Intermediate 2 presents an evening to transport us once more to the stone island's spectacular sensuous atmosphere and rich cultural syncretism. The House of Dust takes its influences from primordial caverns, renaissance grottos and nymphaea at Rome's Villa Doria Pamphilj. Materiality, colour and light evoke an archaeological architecture – a ceiling of rough plaster is the colour of bare earth and the palest pink light evokes dawn and flowers – the colour of beauty that dies. The House breathes light through spaces in a balanced sequence of compression and dilations.
— Alexandra Savtchenko Belskaia

Venue: New Soft Room
Intermediate Unit 2 Open Lecture – all welcome
18.00 House of Dust
19.00 Film screening Luchino Visconti The Leopard (Il Gattopardo)
Starring Alain Delon, Claudia Cardinale, Burt Lancaster, 185 minutes, colour

Antonino Cardillo introduces House of Dust in the Soft Room of the Architectural Association School of London. Photo by Marco Ponzianelli.

Antonino Cardillo talks at AA School of London.
Photography by Marco Ponzianelli.

Architectural Association
School of Architecture

TRAPANI-PALERMO, Sicily — 1 - 4 Nov 2013
By invitation of Ana Araujo and Takero Shimazaki, Cardillo talks to the students of ‘Intermediate Two’ about Sicily and the Dionysian through the interpretations of Goethe, Wagner, and Nietzsche.

This year Intermediate Unit 2 will focus on spatial experiences that enhance awareness of our senses and emotions. Our main source of inspiration will be the enigmatic Villa Palagonia – a baroque icon located on the northern coast of Sicily, whose originality and eccentricity has fascinated personalities such as Goethe and Sir John Soane.
— Ana Araujo

1st Palermo Villa Witthaker, Villa Igea and San Cataldo Church
2nd Bagheria Villa Palagonia
3rd Tonnara di Scopello Drawing Workshop with Willem de Bruijn
4th Erice Daedalus

Architectural Association at the Tonnara di Scopello, Sicily. Photo by Antonino Cardillo.

Tonnara di Scopello, Sicily.
Photography by Antonino Cardillo.

Architectural Association
School of Architecture

HOOKE PARK CAMPUS, England — 22 Oct 2012
By invitation of Ana Araujo and Takero Shimazaki, Cardillo talks to the students of ‘Intermediate Two’ about the theme of the inexact quality.

Antonino Cardillo talk at the Architectural Association Hooke Park Campus in Dorset. Photography by Antonino Cardillo.

Hooke Park Campus, Dorset.
Photography by Antonino Cardillo.

Chelsea College of Art
University of the Arts London

LONDON, England — 15 Nov 2010
By invitation of Ana Araujo, Cardillo discusses his practice’s work, particularly on the relation between the light in architecture and rendering techniques on computer.

Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London

Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

Faculty of Architecture
University of Palermo

PALERMO, Sicily — 24 Jan 2010
By invitation of Antonietta Iolanda Lima, Cardillo talks to the students of the course of ‘History of Contemporary Architecture’ about his design works.

By invitation of Iolanda Lima, Antonino Cardillo talks at the Faculty of Architecture of Palermo.

Antonino Cardillo talks at the Faculty of Architecture of Palermo.

Faculty of Architecture
Valle Giulia
University of Rome

ROME, Italy — 2007 - 2009
By invitation of Cesare Maria Casati, Cardillo contributes to the course of ‘Laboratorio di Allestimento I’.

Wallpaper* Future 30
at the Chabot Museum

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands — Sep 2009
By invitation of Ellie Stathaki, Cardillo showcases his Model House committed by Wallpaper* in occasion of the ‘Architects Directory 2009’.

At a time of uncertainty in the global housing market, the Wallpaper* Future 30 show that innovation is within reach of every aspiring client, bringing fresh architectural thinking from around the world into the expansive sprawl of the modern city.
— The Wallpaper press release

Wallpaper Future 30 Exhibition at the Chabot Museum of Rotterdam. Antonino Cardillo's model house at the no. 17.

Antonino Cardillo house 17 at the Chabot Museum of Rotterdam.
Photography by Ellie Stathaki.

DNA John Foxx
at The Horse Hospital

LONDON, England — 27 - 31 Jul 2009
By invitation of the musician John Foxx, Cardillo shows the ‘Tales of Light’ video.

The exhibition featured work by visual artists, film-makes, illustrators, Manga comic artists and musicians who have been inspired by different aspects of John Foxx’s 30-year career. They include films by Alex Proyas, Jonathan Barnbrook, Antonino Cardillo, Japan’s Macoto Tezka, electro pioneer Gary Numan, and animator Ian Emes, alongside prints by Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), one of Tokyo’s most famous Manga artists Reiko Okano, Karborn, and John Foxx himself.
— The press release

Antonino Cardillo's Tales of Lights at the John Foxx exhibition at the Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London.

The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London.

Artindex 08
at the Popov Museum

ST-PETERSBURG, Russia —  Mar - Nov 2008
By invitation of Sergei Kovaliov, Cardillo showcases ‘Let There Be More Light’, ‘Birnbeck Island’, ‘Ellipse 1501 House’, and ‘Canto Sospeso’ projects.

Antonino Cardillo's works in Artindex 08 at the A.S. Popov Museum of Communications, Bezborodko Palace, St-Petersburg. Photograph by Florstein.

A.S. Popov Museum of Communications, St-Petersburg.
Photography by Florstein.

Faculty of Architecture
University of Palermo

PALERMO, Sicily — 1994 - 1998
By invitation of Antonietta Iolanda Lima, Cardillo contributes to the academic researches and courses of ‘History of Modern Architecture’ and ‘History of Contemporary Architecture’.

Edited books:
Lima 1995, S. Crescenza di S. Vito Lo Capo, Palermo, Ila Palma.
Lima 1995, Storia dell’Architettura Sicilia Ottocento, Palermo, Dario Flaccovio.
Lima 1996, Alle Soglie del 3° Millennio, Palermo, Dario Flaccovio.
Lima 1997, Palermo. Struttura e Dinamiche, Turin, Testo & Immagine.
Lima 1998, Frank O. Gehry. American Center, Turin, Testo & Immagine.
Lima 1998, Le Corbusier, Palermo, Dario Flaccovio.
Lima 2001, Architettura della Compagnia di Gesù in Sicilia, Palermo, Novecento.
Lima 2003, Paolo Soleri, New York, The Monacelli Press.

1981 Antonietta Iolanda Lima's studio house in Palermo. Photography by Antonino Cardillo.

1981 Lima’s studio-house in Palermo Mondello.
Photography by Antonino Cardillo.









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